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  • Hello big AL Welcome Aboard !!!
  • Hello Denise. Hope all is well with u. Just chillin in cold Saginaw, Michigan. Nice 2 know u r thinkin of me. Peace 2 u and yours.
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    Dividers Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Your welcome, have a wonderful night. Miss Texas Mami
  • Hi Al.......I hope all is well! ! I am glad to see you still doing your thang!
    Good Luck
  • Hey Al I need a check up from the Neck up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Please check out the new video from The Revelations feat. Tre Williams "How Do I Tell Him" New, true southern soul...

    "The Bleeding Edge", the debut full-length album release from The Revelations feat. Tre Williams will be released nationally on October 6th. The album has 15 tracks including "I Don't Want To Know", a record that has become a radio favorite throughout the south in both the Southern Soul and Urban AC formats with airplay in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Charleston, Columbia, Augusta, Columbus, Little Rock, Montgomery, Norfolk and many other markets.

    Please contact me anytime for product, interviews, shows or other information on The Revelations. We'd appreciate your support and would love to hear any feedback on this track or the group.

    Manager / Producer
    The Revelations feat. Tre Williams
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    At the Cabaret - Unckle Eddie Booking Info call 228.249.6641
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  • Hello Betty. Hope all is well
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Saginaw, MI


June 14