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  • Hey you are very welcome and thank you for the friend request have a great afternoon...
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  • Thanks for your friendrequest. I am certainly a blues lover:)


  • Thanks, you have my permission to play my music.
  • Hello Cassie, Proud to meet ya and share thoughts and what not's from time to time.  God Bless  XO
  • Promotional use only this is just a test single.
    All songs registered with ASCAP
    Recording Artist-Todd.b
    Producer-Darin Vamp Johnson
    Song written by- Flava Shantasiasongs Johnson
    Record Lable-RuadtelldatMusic In Atlanta,Ga
    Thank You So Much For Your Time And Please
    Give Us Your Feed Back.... Thanks And God Bless!
    Ceo Of RunandtelldatMusic
    *Ms.Flava Shantasiasongs Johnson

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  • Thanks for the friendship. We will certainly stay connected. I see you're with my favorite "blues" man. I've been listen to straight Theodis all morning. Love him!!!


    Love & Respect,

    Ms Ssugah

  • I will listen Cassie & thanks so much for reaching out! We'll be looking for your info to send care package.

    Until then, keep up the great / necessary work!

    All the best,


  • Our internet radio station is in the process of searching, reviewing performance rights companies. OGR is temporarily off the air/net. As as we locate & negotiate with a comapny that will charge reasonable fees and will pay the publishing companies the approprite royalty & performance fees. We will no longer use the services of SWCast, who has been brought out publicly for not paying appropriate fees. More info on Sound Exchange and SWCast is available on our OGR Facebbok page and our website:

    All internet and terrestrial radio stations should review teh information posted about SWCast. 

    The Soul Show Review- The format is  Classic Soul/R&B, with Southern Soul, Blues, Traditional  and Contemporary Blues. I will be posting the artist, songs and basic core artist that I have added in the  last year, so they  can receive credit and news reports.

    We will keep everyone updated on our new performance rights companies negotiations.

    Our Generation Radio
    Home Page for Our Generation Radio
  • Ms. Fox I really appreciate you allowing us to send new music over to you. Mister Zay has a single titled "Cheatin" that I'm fixin to email over to you. Its a great record and I'm excited to get your feedback on the record. If there is anything that Southern Plantation Records can do to help your station please let me know.
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October 26

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