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  • He Joyce,
    Just touching base with you to see how you are doing the days.
    Chick Willis
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  • Please check out the new video from The Revelations feat. Tre Williams "How Do I Tell Him" New, true southern soul...

    "The Bleeding Edge", the debut full-length album release from The Revelations feat. Tre Williams will be released nationally on October 6th. The album has 15 tracks including "I Don't Want To Know", a record that has become a radio favorite throughout the south in both the Southern Soul and Urban AC formats with airplay in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Charleston, Columbia, Augusta, Columbus, Little Rock, Montgomery, Norfolk and many other markets.

    Please contact me anytime for product, interviews, shows or other information on The Revelations. We'd appreciate your support and would love to hear any feedback on this track or the group.

    Manager / Producer
    The Revelations feat. Tre Williams
  • Hey Joyce, I MP3ed you a song about 3 weeks ago...let me know if you recieved it.

  • Heavy Rotation
    Latimore Around the World
    Labrado Let me be your daddy
    Karen Wolf A woman needs a strong man
    Donnie Ray Use to be my girl
    Tre Williams Don't keep telling me
    Lacee I ran a good man away
    Mr. Sam I'm looking for love / Voicemail
    Uvee Hayes Get dance on / Play something pretty
    David G Lying on me
    Lola Don't go / Sweetest thing
    Bigg Robb The Recipe
    Toni Green Every man ain't a bad man
    Andrea Lee Found what I'm looking for / Sepping mood
    Setphanie Pickett Can't get you out of my mind
    Clarence Dobbins Call on me
    Wilson Meadows Missing you
    Lil Faley House arrest
    Chuck Roberson Party / Love me or leave me
    Terry Wright Back roads ? How sweet is your candy
    Luther Lacky Telephone / Jody got my problem
    Carl Marshall Looking for a real woman
    Ms. Jody The better the goods
    Vick Allen Forbidden Love affair
    Shirley Brown Upside down
    OB Buchannon Stealing
    Sweet Angel Butts up / Don't let the clean up woman
    Betty Paget Old man / Younger man
    Michelle Miller The bill's don't stop
    Barbra Carr It's only you
  • Hey Whats Up Joyce,
    I'm A Southern Soul R&B Artist Looking For Exposure
    Please Contact Me

  • Hello from the state of Maryland!
  • hAImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • Tried call you Fri...recording came on. Call me Bro.Delroy Smith 410-233-7942
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Decatur, AL


August 7