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  • Hey Bro,

    I play music based on merit which your music definitely has! My cell is 870-833-0979. Hit me sometime. I'd be quite please to have you sit in with me some Saturday! Take care.

  • Whats up man? I thank GOD for people like yourself . Playing my music and giving me the support that you do. My wife is from ElDorado, Ar. If I knew where the station was I would come by when I'm visiting my In-laws. Thanks, once again for your support. Donnie Ray
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  • Ok Great.
    Thanks again, Stephanie Pickett
  • Hi MixMaster Ced Nelson,
    How are ya? Have you received my new song "Run'n" yet? Hit me back and let me know. If not I'll make sure I get you a copy in the mail.

    Thanks for all your support, Stephanie Pickett
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  • Hi Ced,
    I will send the CD off tomorrow.
    Thanks for your support!
    Stephanie Pickett
  • Hi MixMaster Ced Nelson,
    I will need your email address or mailing address.
    I can send you the MP3 via email or if you prefer the hard copy CD I will need your mailing address. As soon as I get this information I will get it to you.
    Stephanie Pickett
  • Hello Mr. Ced This is from qt records. Hope things is going well with you and yours and to wish you and the family a happy holidays to come. And wonted to know how my music doing John Cumming Good To The Last Drop & Tina B I Got A Good Man.
    Thinks: from Eddie QT Taylor
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Camden, AR


April 20