Dominique Young Unique Releases New Single "Why"


(TAMPA BAY, FA) FridayJuly 17 -- Dominigue Young Unique puts passion to paper in her new social conscious release "WHY".

She's most known for her success overseas and her feature on the Diplo VS DJ Fresh hit, "Earthquake".

Now, it's 2020 and Dominique is poised to show her Florida Natives and the rest of the USA how her message translates throughout the world.


"With so much going on around the world, I feel like “WHY” is a song that makes you open up your eyes and mind to be more conscious. I’m speaking nothing but the truth and with every person's name I mention on this song - it’s not that I am dissing them... I'm trying to bring light to their situation, for greater awareness of the life and generation we’re living in. From cops killing us, to the people protesting, and the frustrations of the economy failing due to COVID 19", says Dominique


Today marks 6 years since an NYPD Police Officer choked Eric Garner, whose last words, "I can't breathe," are a rallying cry in the Black Lives Matter movement.


This synchronicity of this release with the day of Garner's death, serves as an important reminder: we need to continue to question these injustices.


Borrowing from the timeless 2007 Jada Kiss and Anthony Hamilton classic "WHY", Dominique does just that... harnessing the same thought-provoking emotions used in the original, while adding a touch of her own fierce female energy.


As she raps, sitting in front of a shooting range target, her message is clear: the young black youth are in constant danger and someone has to take a stand.


With an 'in-your-face' aggressive-style delivery, she ponders...


"Why you don't like the fact I'm trying to get my mom out them trenches? Why you feel like just cuz you trap, they gotta be right there with ya? Why you can't see my vision even though what I'm saying is visual? Open your eyes"


"WHY" addresses problems in the African-American community that go beyond police brutality. She's using her platform to unify the culture.


It is our collective responsibility to each day take one step forward in our commitment to a more equitable world. Music has the power to change and that is “WHY” I'm raising my voice.


In these strange and trying times, our days are filled with countless unanswered questions. And like so many of us, Dominique Young Unique wants to know the reasons "WHY".





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