They say real recognize real, but when the only thing you see real is you, then you become supreme in your element and that’s what real. Meet recording artist 31 Supreme. The Miami native got his inspiration to tell his stories through music after being inspired by the late Tupac Shakur and hiphop mogul Master P as a child. At the age of 14 he wrote and recorded his first song, which sparked his love for making music. After years of being in the streets grinding in search of better ways to make a living, he decided to go full throttle with music. In 2015, 31 Supreme decided to learn the music business and take his music career to the next level. After linking up with New York rapper Troy Ave, he decided to launch his own label titled “Kontraban Ent”. The year is now 2022 and 31 Supreme is ready to bust the hip hop doors wide open with his most anticipated project “Skip the Line”. Currently working with A&R Kavon Jacobs and Super producer Mike Darockman, 31 Supreme guarantees to keep the listeners intrigued with his melodic flows over hard-hitting beats. Keep an ear out for his leading single produced by Mike DaRockMan titled “Hold Up Neat” available this summer followed by his follow up single “Wait On That”. This is about to be a hot summer, get ready for Miami's own 31 Supreme.






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