Introducing Nico Cortez: The Frost King Of R&B

Nico Stoudermire (born December 10, 1990), also known as Nico Cortez, began to pursue his dreams of recording and producing his own sound in the year 2014. He had been involved with music his entire life and has been working tirelessly ever since. He an African-American singer/producer/audio engineer/ghostwriter from the eastern side of the city of Birmingham,AL. He studied at Tuskegee University and majored in Mathematics. The name Nico Cortez came from his first and middle name. His mother had him when she was a young age of 13.He was raised by his grandparents. Over the years his mother would encourage him to keep pushing even when he didn’t think he was cut out for this. His mother’s untimely passing was the hardest thing he experienced at the time. He wasn’t sure if he would want to continue to do music after his biggest fan left from this world. It took some time but he was inspired to create again. He is now a new artist with a new motivation to push him. His grandparents are still with him ,so he feels he still has  to do his absolute best for them while he has them.







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