LA2US Talks About New Video "FunkaDelicacy"


What is the concept of “FunkaDelicacy”?

Funk has many meanings; good energy, love, dancing/groovy, dirty, marijuana etc. La2us has flavor and style. Outsiders get addicted to what they’re offering and want “The Funk” too, as displayed in the music video.


The concept of the video is the La2us time traveling to a new era by taking a “Funkadelicacy” pill. It brought us back to the 70’s where you’ll see some classic 70’s references. We brought some scenes from tv shows to life, like “Scooby doo” and “That 70’s show”


Was it inspired by some artist or other song?

Parliament – Give Up The Funk


Story behind creating it?

The wav had sent us the instrumental and we had no idea it was a house beat so we approached it with a different flavor than most would do with that kind of instrumental.

The music video was actually a crazy story.

The first thing we did was choose costumes and who we wanted to bring to life in it. From Rick James to Farrah Fawcett to the scooby-doo crew.

Our videographer bailed on us last minute after we had already booked our space so we again, last minute, found a videographer in Miami. His name is Rich (rovproductions), he runs his own production company and he loved the vision we had and offered to come up and help us out. We then put together the concept in about 10 hours at home and shot it over the course of a week. We shot in vw buses, nail salons, our own living room, everywhere. We made our small budget during a pandemic stretch. We’re very proud of what we accomplished.


Why did the band want to choose the psychedelic music genre?

We didn’t choose the genre, it chose us! The moment LaChaleur & D’usé Saida (LA2US) heard the sound waves from that instrumental they sung what came through them and that was all from natural vibrations. We really will do any genre, we are very multi functional. Any beat that speaks to us we can create a language for it.









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