MNERVA - "Bad Guy"


In 2020, MNERVA hit the music scene with one goal, to turn the conventional wisdom of hip hop on its head. With his witty lyrics, sharp punchlines, and quirky production, MNERVA has forged his own lane in Hip Hop by fusing his rock, trap, and musical theatre influences into a cohesive sound. Originally hailing from Germantown, Maryland, MNERVA moved to Nashville in 2015 to hone his craft and became a part of the Nashville music scene by playing drums for various pop artists. He also improved his artistry by writing a jukebox musical based on the catalogue of one his biggest influences, Twenty One Pilots, and released a trailer of the show earlier this year to viral success. In February, MNERVA released his debut single, “Geek,” and the song amassed over 69,000 organic streams on Spotify. With this accomplishment under his belt, MNERVA is excited to release new music and share his story to help listeners find their own personal wisdom.

“‘Bad Guy’is about how there are two sides to every break up and how it feels to be the villain in someone’s life,” explains MNERVA. “Specifically, I walked into a pizza place from my hometown one time and saw my ex sitting with a bunch of my old friends. I went over to say hi and they wouldn’t look me in the eye or give me the time of day. In that moment I realized that my ex had spread a bunch of rumors about me and I was the bad guy in her story. It was a sobering realization because I had been talking badly about her for years; she’s the bad guy in my story. I regret being the asshole in that relationship and ‘Bad Guy’ is about me learning how it feels when people talk behind your back. And it’s funny because both sides of our story aren’t completely true but it doesn’t matter because people are gonna believe what they are gonna believe and I wasn’t home to defend myself so I will always be the bad guy in those circles now.”



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