Soulful; That's the best way to describe Melody's new song, "Dancing With A Stranger." The Toronto, Ontario R&B songstress breathes life into every verse in such a way, that you'll swear that you're listening to the voice of an angel who's singing directly into the very depths of your soul. The track, which is assisted by the R&B god Maurice Moore and produced by S.L.M.N, is led by a beautiful acoustic guitar and backed by a gorgeous sliding 808 that you can not only ride to, but dance the night away to while you're in the middle of the club, singing along to the song, word for word. Melody rides the melody (pun intended) perfectly on the chorus as she sings, "I’d rather be with this broken heart, dancing in the dark / Dancing with a stranger, dancing in the danger /Baby don’t you call, happy to restart / Dancing with a stranger, dancing in the danger." I dare you to press play; but I warn you, this glorious and well put-together song might just have you somewhere enjoying the melodic vibes while you're dancing...with a stranger.

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