In 2018, StaJe relocated to Los Angeles with aspirations of pursuing a music career despite having very little to his name. Originally from South Carolina and raised by a single mother, StaJe faced homelessness on Skid Row for the first 6 months until a friend offered him a place to stay. Through sheer determination and with the help of a borrowed suit from his friend, StaJe secured a job as a salesman at a car dealership, which provided him with stability and the means to support his true passion. Despite numerous challenges, StaJe remained dedicated to his music career.

Since then, StaJe has experienced significant growth and positive reception to his music. His debut song "Keisha" in 2020 made it to the Top 100 global DTR charts. The following year, his track "Up" reached Apple Music's top 10 and amassed over 1 million views on its music video.

In 2022, StaJe released his first Spanish record "Oceano," which earned him the #17 spot on Billboard's Top 100 charts.

The Latin community in Los Angeles has played a crucial role in StaJe's life, given his father's Puerto Rican heritage. His record "Oceano" serves as a tribute to his special connection with the Latin community and his roots.

StaJe received Grammy Consideration in 2023 for his singles "Sunrise" and "She Don't Want No Love," which both made it to the iTunes Charts.

In mid-2024, he dropped his single “Turn Up Tonight,” which quickly rose to #1 on the R&B iTunes Charts. The release of his debut album also saw his new single “She Don’t Want No Love” claim the top spot on the iTunes Charts, as well as his album “No Love”.

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