Each musician has their own story. Trent James is a multi-talented self-motivator who has built his brand from scratch to be the person he is today.



Trent James, a Texas rapper, has quickly made himself a legend in hip-hop. He is a talented producer, songwriter, and rap artist. He is most well-known for his hip-hop music, but he also has a background in Reggaeton or Latin music. His unique style in music can be attributed to his passion for music and expertise in such roles. He also freely expresses himself.

Trent James made his first national tour in November 2018 and December 2018, performing songs from "Above the Water," his second album. It was released on October 5, 2018. He was originally writing the songs while incarcerated. Trent James began 2019 with a series of songs and music videos. This is a testament to his determination. His Spotify streams have reached 36 countries, even though he is the Texas king.


He released a collaboration album, "The Only Way," in January 2020. He described it as a "pain-driven representation" of street life. Trent James released a solo album titled "Pay Me Extra" on July 17, 2020. He wrote, recorded, and produced it all himself. "Pay Me Extra" was an amazing showcase of his beat-making skills, lyrical talent, and production abilities. All of these have improved over the years. His Spotify streams were streamed in over 180 countries this year.


Trent James is an entrepreneur and founder of Boss Alliance Global. This multi-tiered organization was founded by him. To help budding musicians realize their dreams in the entertainment business, he draws from his own experiences as an entrepreneur. His company provides services such as a recording label, artist development, modeling agency, and videography. His diverse abilities and business acumen have generated a lot of interest from around the globe.


Trent James continues to improve his sound and skills in the studio as well as expanding his business in 2021. He has proven that he can be a successful businessman and build a company from scratch. Boss Alliance Global (B. A.G.) is an Instagram account that allows people to become artists and influencers.

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