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Get Familiar With UPN6XT



It has always been a mission of ours at UPN6XT to harness and amplify the voices of young talent in the music industry. We started out in 2015 as a party promotion company but as our popularity grew, so did our vision. Since then, we have evolved int

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Sheridan - "Where's The Ref?"

New artist Sheridan has released the first single “Where’s the Ref?” off his upcoming EP “On Myself.” Anticipation is high - the project was recently featured for pre-order on the Hip Hop homepage of iTunes.

Sheridan has recorded and released over 20

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Chris Mark Castle is a Must See


The castle commands the land around historic Lake Potter.

Fit for the contemporary king, this architectural wonder is accessible via two different stone bridges. 

Upon crossing between towering turrets, the natural stone pathways guide visitors over a

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Roc Flowers - "Ride Your Bike"



ROC FLOWERS (born Pietro Nannucci on November 25th, 1999) is a twenty-one-year-old artist originally from Italy.

Growing up he moved all around the world living from Chicago to Casablanca, Morocco and from Greensboro, North Carolina to Madrid, Spain.

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SCAMINOVA - "Slide On You"



Rising Detroit City Music records artist SCAMINOVA just dropped a hot new single titled "Slide On You". Check it out now and look out for his new album releasing June 20th called UNDISPUTED available on all music platforms. The artist is currently w

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Clutch Handla - "July 4th"

Rising artist Clutch Handla just dropped a hot new single titled "July 4th". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.


facebook: @clutch handla, manual records
instagram: @clutch.handla
twitter: @clutchhandla1



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