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Fortune - "In My Own Lane"

Fortunata kongolo (born April 24 1994 known professionally as Fortune is an Dutch/Belgian rapper, singer, and songwriter.) Originally from Aalst Belgium,she first garnered attention with the release of her first single in my own lane.
In my own lane

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Seth Anthony - "Free Taylor"



Seth Anthony is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Florida. He’s known for his unique style and voice. With his mixture of genres that vary from country/ rap/rock/pop infusing his life into each song.


Free Taylor EP's main artist is Seth Anthony.

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Lil Cas - "Trap Banda"



Lil Cas, has been rapping since he was 16 years old. He’s from Fort Worth Texas, he is bringing a unique sensation to rap game with a  Spanish to English underground sound That he’s  calling Norco Trap Rap, taking the scene by storm  that puts other

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