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RGT - My Own Skin

RGT – My Own Skin


Summer gets a shot of energy with new EDM track from RGT and Bailey Jehl 


NORWAY – If you’re a fan of EDM and House music and you haven’t yet heard of RGT, it’s time to pay attention. His upcoming single “My Own Skin” with Bailey Jeh

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Namira Salim - Follow Me To The Moon

Namira Salim – Follow Me To The Moon

7052371074?profile=RESIZE_710xFounding Astronaut of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Namira Salim Debuts Her First Single “Follow Me to the Moon” With Inspiring Message about the New Space Age  

In a euphoric take on inter-galactic peace c

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Tim Shepherd - This Magic

Tim Shepherd – This Magic


Midwest musician Tim Shepherd drops chill summer single ‘This Magic’ 

KANSAS CITY, MO – A combination of Rock, Country, Pop, and R&B come together on the hot new track from Midwest artist Tim Shepherd. “This Magic” is the late

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Blogo - "Backwoods Flow"

Blogo releases a visual to his song "Backwoods Flow" and it doesn't take any 'higher thinking' to know what this one is about.  Born in Cleveland, OH and now 26 years old, this man is no stranger to dropping content. Make sure to follow on social med

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Foundry13 - Devil's Lovenotes


Foundry13 – Devil’s Lovenotes


England’s Foundry13 introduces new sound of Rock to the world with latest single ‘Devil’s Lovenotes 

LONDON, UK – The British Invasion is primed for a return thanks to the head-turning sound of two young brothers who have

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