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Vinyl Disciples - "Lullaby"


In the heavily solo oriented DJ world, it is rare to find a group who can create a huge impact on the worldwide scene in such a short period of time. Vinyl Disciples have not only been able to shine and make their presence known in such a world, but

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Nastyelgic - "Eyes Open"



The hip hop industry has changed dramatically but he’s here to bring the roots back with a mix of today. His music makes you feel a bit of nostalgia. Nastyelgic, Darius Jackson, is an American hip hop recording artist, label owner and entrepreneur

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Diom - "Suya"


West African rapper, Diom (short for his last name Diomandé) began rapping at a very young age memorizing his favorite raps from the biggest Ivorian rap group at the time M.A.M. But it wasn't until he found himself in high school in Atlanta, GA that

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GS11 - Bunkin'

GS11, was born Gary Montgomery and is known by his nickname, G Smooth. G is a versatile music artist from Magnolia, North Carolina's Highway 11. His musical trap sound is deeply influenced by his southern small-town roots. As hip hop & trap music con

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JC Drops New Single "QuikTrip"




JC and J. Minor link up for a Summer Smash driven towards the finest of ladies. Wordplay and dope melodies make this an instant classic! JC came up with the idea simply by stopping for gas and grabbing a hotdog from a local QuikTrip in Atlanta, GA. T

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Novacane - "See Me"


Novacane is an American songwriter, actress and recording artist, hailing from Virginia. Her approach to music is quite innovative as it is a free form of expression belonging to no particular genre, spanning the sounds of pop, r&b, and hip-hop. Nova

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