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    Playlist Report-September 29-2023-Syndicated Show “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” *Ray Charles Birthday Spotlights*


    Lou Rawls & Ray Charles - Thats Where Its At

    Vernon Garrett - Licence  To Steal

    Willie Clayton - Meet Me Tonight

    William Bell -Brag About You

    Latimore-What I’d Say

    Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

    Ray Charles & Norah Jones – Here We Go Again

    Johnny Adams – After All The Good Is Gone (Conway Twitty Cover)

    Billy Soul Bonds- I Owe You One

    Mel Waiters- Everythings’ Going Up

    Renee Smith - Don’t Hurt No More I Don’t Know

    J Red – Liqour House Vibin’

    251-I Don’t Know *Debut* Southern Soul*

    Arthur Young – Too Damn Good

    Sky Watley – Auntie Love

    Hour 2.0 - SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox” Sept. 29-2023 - Syndicated Show

    Johnny Rawls – Blind, Crippled & Crazy

    Little Buster & The Soul Brothers-What Can I Do

    Melvin Smokehouse Moore- Slip Away

    Tad Robinson – There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Larry Taylor & The Soul Blues Healers- Knockin’ On Your Door

    Ray Charles – (Talkin’ Bout) Swanee River

    Roy Roberts & Barbar Carr – Don’t Let This Love Slip Away

    Rue Davis – You’ll Never Find A Love Like Mine

    Trudy Lynn – Never Been To Spain

    Tyree Neal – Pickin’ These Blues Away

    The Soulful Connection – Trailride Slide

    DJ Trucker – I Wanna See You Work

    Nellie Tiger Travis & Black Zack – I Came To Party




    Z.Z.Hill- Down Home Blues-In Memoriam1935-1984-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Renne Smith-Sitting Here Waiting – Renee Smith Music-SoulBlues-1 

    Willie Hill-Try Me Tonight-Leaving Won’t Be Easy-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Tad Robinson-Changes-Real Street-Severn Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lee Fields-Hot & Lonely-The Best Of-Ace Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Angel Faye Russell - The Other Woman- The Other Woman-LLP DDS/Angel Faye Russell-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Big G-Sitting On The Sideline-Sitting On The Sideline-Stone River Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Earl Gaines-24 Hours A Day-Nothin But The Blues-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ollie Nightengale-Ready T Party-I’ll Drink Your Bathwater Baby-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-Looking Bad Situation-Its Only You-Rock Hsuoe Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lenny Williams-Suga Daddy-Suga Daddy – Bridle Ridge Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Quinn Golden-Can You Pop That Trunk-The Best Of Quinn Golden-Ecko Records-SoulBlues/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    DJ Trucker-I Wanna See You Work-I Wanna See You Work-DJ Trucker Music 2023-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Jesi Terrell-Love Mechanic Love Mechanic-Sound Mindz Entertainment-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Bruce Wayne Band Feat: Pokey Bear- Youre Doin’ Too Much-Youre Doin’ Too Much-Evanti Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox-Syndicated-September 22-2023-Hour 2.0 *

    Denise LaSalle-Make Me Yours Medley-Blues From The Montreaux Jazz Festival-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    William Bell-I Will Remember Tonight-One Day Closer To Home-Wilbe Records-Soul/Americana/Roots-1

    Eugene Hideaway Bridges-End Of Time- Hold On A Little Bit Longer-Armadillo Records LTD – SoulBlues-1

    Francine Reed- Been There Done That-Can’t Make It On My Own-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Gloris Hardeman With The Professor’s Blues Review-Meet Me With Your Black Drawers on-Genuine House Rocking Music-Vol. II-Alligator Records-Blues-1  

    James Peterson-Children Gotta Eat-Don’t Let The Devil Ride-Waldocy Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ace Moreland-Love From A Stone-Give It To Get It-Icehouse/Kingsnake Records-Swamp Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton-Can I Change My Mind –Never Been Rocked Enough-Curb Records-SoulBlues-1

    Diedre-If I Didn’t Love You-The Transformation Of Me-Ruff Pro Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Wall To Wall-Malaco Records-Soul/R&B-1 

    Al Davis Feat: Jeter Jones-Put  Twist In Yo Dip –Put A Twist In Yo Dip-Al Davis Music 2023-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Rue Davis-Big Hip Woman-Rue Davis Collector’s Edition-Big Mouth Productions 2018-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Vick Allen- That Good Thang-That Good Thang – Music Access Inc- Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1



    Playlist Report-Sept.15-2023-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Slam Allen Band-In September-Feel These Blues-American Showcase Music/Slam Allen Music -SoulBlues-1

    Sugaray Rayford-Is It Just Me-Somebody Save Me-40 Below Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jonathan Burton-It Took A Woman Like You-Cruise Control (The Best Is Yet To Come)- CDS/Aviara Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Big G - Sitting On The Sidelines-Sitting On The Sidelines-Stone River Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Renee Smith- Don’t Hurt No More-Renee Smith/Jerry Hinds-SoulBlues-1

    JT Watkins-Watch Over Me –The Gold Tapes From The Ace Vaults –UniDisc RecordsAce Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jonny Lang, Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd-634-5789-The Blues Brothers 2000-Univeral Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Kay Kay & The Rays-Love Me Baby-The Best Of Kay Kay & The Rays-Cat Food Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Where Have All The Soulmen Gone-Where Have All The Soul Men Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jeff Floyd With The Special Formula Band-Saturday Night- Saturday Night-TriGen Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Big G – Pop That Thang Remix-Sitting on The Sidelines-Stone River Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Al Davis Feat: Jeter Jones-Put A Twist In Yo Dip-Its My Time To Party On The Weekend-SlakkTraxx Ent.-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Neko Grinday-I Don’t Mind-I Don’t Mind-Zone8MusicGroup-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1


    Hour 2.0 - Syndicated “SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox” Sept.15-2023


    Roy Roberts - Gypsy Woman –Nothin’ But The Blues- Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1`

    Skeeter Brandon & Hwy 61-Blues Down In My Bones-Man Of My Word-New Moon Blues Records-SoulBlues-1

    Renee Smith-Sitting Here Waiting-Sitting Here Waiting-Renee Smith/Jimmy Hinds-SoulBlues-`1

    Linsey Alexander-Big Woman-Come Back Baby-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Vickie Baker-Cheating Tonight-Cheating Tonight-Kylee Tunz Entertainment-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Betty Padgett-Paying Bills & Popping Pills-The Real Deal-Brimstone Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Angel Faye Russell-The Other Woman- The Other Woman-Copyright Control/IIP-DDS Mark Muleman Massey-Yo Good Stuff- Yo Good Stuff-Muletone Records-SoulBlues/.R&B-1

    Otis Redding-The Happy Song (Dum Dum)-Best Of Otis-Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Otis Redding-Respect-Best Of Otis Redding/Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Alabama Mike-Goodbye Tamika – Stuff Ive Been Through-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Con funk shun-Ffun-Greatest Hits-20th Century Masters-Soul/Funk/R&B-1

    Nephew Jones-Moonshine In The Trunk-Moonshine In The Trunk-Donn Jones Music Group-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1 

    O.B. Buchana-Don’t Quit Me-Its Over-Suzy Q Records-Soul/Blues/.Southern Soul-1

    Ronnie Bell-The Party Ain’t Ova-The Party Ain’t Ova- REEL Entertainment Group-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-112224818279?profile=RESIZE_930x


  • 12219581063?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Playlist Report-September 8-2023-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Little Milton-Loveable Girl-Feel It-Malaco Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Latimore-My Give A Damn(Gave Out)-Back Atcha –LatStone/Stone Family Music LLC- SoulBlues-1

    Eva Cassidy-Drowning In A Sea Of Love-American Tune-Blix Records-Americana/Soul/R&B-1

    William Bell-Brag About You-One Day Closer To Home-Wilbe Records-Americana/Soul-1

    Vickie Baker-Cheating Tonight-Cheating Tonight-2023 Kylee Tunz Entertainment-SoulBlues/Southern Soul-1

     Theodis Ealey-Blues Is Calling My Name-Blues Is Calling My Name-Jus Blues Records (Larry Griffith-Songwriter)-Blues-1`

    Terence Trent Darby-If You Let Me Stay-The Hard Line-Columbia Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Yayo & JWonn-Come & Get It-Southern Classic Deluxe-Chris Mabry Music-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Carlin Taylor & The Soul Cartel Band-Keep It 100-Jimmy Carlin Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Charles Wilson-Homewreckers-Its Sweet On The Backstreet-Ecko Records-SoulBlues/Southern Soul-1

    Tre Williams & Jerry Flood-BYOB-Blues For Life-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Portia P & J-Wonn-Go Home With You-Go Home With You-I Got This Record 2023-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Big G-Pop That Thang Remix-Sitting On The Sidelines-Stone River Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Fatdaddy-Something In The Water-I Got The Blues-Hit Nation-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Synd Show Hour  2.0-SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox-September 8-2023

    Tad Robinson-Search Your Heart-Real Street-Severn Records-SoulBlues-1

    Stan Mosley-Change Of Heart-No Soul, No Blues-Dialtone Records-SoulBlues-1

    Percy Sledge-24-7-365-Shining Thru The Rain-John Herron Music-Soul/R&B/DeepSouth Soul-1


    Captain Jack Watson-Bridge Over Flooded Waters-I’m Captain Jack-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    EJ Soul-What Do You Do?-What Do You Do? Eric Johnson Music-SoulBlues-1

    Lacee-I Ran A Good Man Away-Lacee’s Groove-Advantage Recordings-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Zac Harmon-Crying Shame-As Long As I Got My Guitar-Cat Food Records-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Its Been So Long-Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Latimore-Unchain My Heart-Latimore Remembers Ray Charles-Latstonbe/Stone Family Music LLC-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Klass Band Brotherhood-Go Home-Out Of The Shadows Of Soul-Music Access Inc/Neo Blues Music-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Al Davis & Jeter Jones-Twist In Your Dip-Twist In Yo Dip-Al Davis Music –Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Tucka Feat: Marcus Fisher -I Won’t Disapprove-I Won’t Disapprove –Hit Nation-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Soulful Connection Feat: KD & Matt Wade-Trailride Slide-Ground Troops Entertainment-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1



  • Late Nite Oldies (Legacy) • Mr JayySmooth

    I Believe In You - Johnnie Taylor • Forever Mine - The O'Jays • Common Man - David Ruffin • Do You Feel It - Tyrone Davis • For The Good Times - Al Green • If Loving You Is Wrong - Luther Ingram • Float On - The Floaters • Let's Do Again - The Staple Singers • Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville • Members Only - Bobby Bland

  • 12214633271?profile=RESIZE_584x

    Playlist Report-September 1-2023-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    John Nemeth- I Found A Love-May Be The Last Time-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    William Bell –I’ll Remember Tonight-One Day Closer To Home-Wilbe Records-Sou/Americana-1

    Rudy Blue Shoes Wyatt-Tipintina-Rule Of Thumb-Rudy Wyatt Music-Blues-1

    Kenny Neal Feat: Rockin’ Dopsie & The Zydeco Twisters-Louisian-Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    EJ Soul-What Do You Do-What Do You Do-Eric Johnson Music-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Trying To Live My Life Without You-Walking Heart Attack-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vickie Baker-Cheating Tonight-Cheating Tonight-Kylee Tunez Entertainment –SoulBlues/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Latimore-Take Me To The Mountain Top-The Only Way Is Up-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Van Morrison-These Dreams Of You-Moondance-Warner Brothers Music-Soul;/R&B-1

    Carlin Carlin B& The Soul Cartel Band-Lets Have a Barbecue-Jimmy Carlin Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul

    Mr. Jayy Smooth Southern Soul Tribute-Southern Soul Tribute-Jayy-Cee Ent. –Southern Soul/R&B-1

    J.J.Caillier-Return To Sender-Return To Sender-Return To Sender-Hit Nation/UMPG Publishing – SouthernSoul/R&B-1

    Mr.Smoke-Good Lawd-Who Want Smoke-S&F Records-Southern Soul/R&B-1

    Syndicated SOTB-Hour 2.0- Cassie J. Fox –September 1-2023

    Trudy Lynn-When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Ive Been Loving You Too Long-1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby Rush-One Monkey Can Stop A Show-All My Love For You-Deep Rush Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Redd Velevet-You Gotta Leave-Womanhood 101-Redd Velvet Music-Southern Soul/R&B-1

    Diedra-If I Didn’t Love You-The Transformation Of Me-Ruff Pro Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Tad Robinson-Eight Days A Week-One To Infinity-Delmark Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Tab Benoit-If I Could Quit You-Standing On The Bank-Vangaurd Records-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    The Knickerbocker All-stars-Feat: Darcel Wilson-Love Makes A Woman-The Knickerbocker All-Stars-Soul/R&B-1

    Mike Clark Jr-Auntie Outside-Auntie Outside-Collipark Music Presents-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Prince Djae & Mr.Sam-You Look Sexy-You Look Sexy-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Toia Jones & Solomon Thompson Ron G-At A Party-2023 Solomon Thompson Music-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Cupid Feat: Shirley Murdock-Two Step On My Haters-Capricorn 2- TOCMusic/Cupid –Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1




  • 12208345855?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Playlist Report-August 25-2023-Syndicated Show- Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    James Armstrong-How Sweet it is-Blues Been Good To Me –CatFood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Earnest Guitar Roy-Come On Lets Juke-Come On Lets Juke-June Bug Productions-SoulBlues-1

    William Bell-Brag About You-One Day Closer To Home-Wilbe Records-Soul/Americana -1

    Rawls & Luckett-I Don’t Do Windows-Can’t Sleep At Night-BullsEye Blues Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vickie Baker-Cheating Tonight-Southern Girl –Kylee Tunes Entertainment-SoulBlues/Southern Soul-1


    Bobby Rush-I Want To-All My Love For You-Deep Rush Records/Thirty Tigers Distrubution-SoulBlues-1 

    Rue Davis-What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted-My Honey Poo-Ichiban Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Mark Muleman Massey-Yo God Stuff-Yo Good Stuff-Muletone Records-SoulBlues/Southern Soul-1

    Big G-Lets Party Hardy –Sittin’ On The Sidelines-Stone River Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Etta James-Wet Match-The Right Time-Electra Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sonny Green-Coming Back For a Taste Of Your Love-Found! One Soul Singer-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Mike Clark Jr. – Outside Auntie –outside Auntie-United Masters-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Hour 2.0 - SOTB-Cassie J. Fox - August 25-2023 - Syndicated Show

    Dylan Triplett-Who Is He(What Is He To You)-Who Is He-Vizztone Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Wounded In The Battle Of Love-Gotta Gte My Groove Back-Malaco Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Money-Where Have All The Soulmen Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-SoulBlues-1

    William Bell-I Will Remember Tonight-One Day Closer To Home-Wilbe Records-Soul/Americana -1

    Sol Roots –Work It For Me- Work It For Me- Zayuva Music/H. Creech-Blues-1

    James Cotton Bring It On Home To Me-baby, Don’t Tear My Clothes-Universal Music Group-SoulBlues-1

    Joey Gilmore-Letting A Good Thing Go Bad-Just Call Me Joey-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Mighty Sam McClain-Thought I Heard Your Voice-One More Bridge To Cross- Sledgehammer Blues/Telearc Records-SoulBlues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Thru Chasin’ You-I’ll Sing The Blues For You-Connor Ray Music-SoulBlues-1

    Olivia Knott-Preacher-Preacher-TrillLife/SmokeD  Productions-SoulBlues/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Fatdaddy-Something In The Water-I Got The Blues - Hit Nation 2023-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    • Tucka Feat: Fat Daddy-Put It On Me-Put It On Me-Put It On Me-Hit Nation-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1


  • 12185171299?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Playlist Report-Week Of August 11-2023-SyndicatedShow-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Trudy Lynn-Wang Dang Doodle(Live) -1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Hill-Can’t Leave Your Love Alone-Leavin’ Won’t Be Easy-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marvin Sease-I’m Sinking down-Do You Need A Licker?-Jive Records-SoulBlues-1  

    Plastic Flowers-Mark Mukeman Massey-One Step Ahead Of The Blues-Icehouse Records-SoulBlues-1

    Katie Webster-Try Some Tenderness-Swamp Boogie Queen-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Captain Jack Watson-Bridge Over Flooding Waters-Bridge Over Flooding Waters-Music Access Inc.-SoulBlues-1

    Ms.Jody-My Give A Damn (Doesn’t Give A Damn Anymore)-Ms. Jody’s In The House-Ecko Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Ms. Jody-Good Man-A Night To Remember-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Narvell Echols-Jukin (Country Folks Party) Return Of The Country Boy-Dirty Delta Entertainment-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Portia P & J-Wonn-Go Home With You –Go Home With You-I Got This Record-MusicAccess Inc. –Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Willie Clayton – Shawty- Shawty- EndZone Entertainment-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Solomon Thompson- In My Cup- In My Cup-s2023 Solomon Thompson-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    **Hour 2.0- SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox” Syndicated Show-August 11-2023 Playlist*

    Theodis Ealey-The Blues Is Allright-Live Ichiban Records/ IFGAM Records-SoulBlues-1 

    Mark Muleman Massey-Yo Good Stuff-Yo Good Stuff-Mule Tone Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Cleo Mosley-Gold Digger – Gold Digger-Sound Mindz Records/Vandette Publishing-SoulBlues-1

    Alabama Mike-Good bye Tamika-Stuff I Been Through-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Trudy Lynn-When Somehting IS Wrong/Ive Been Loving you-1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    1. Saunders- I’m Shook-I’m Shook-D.Saunders Music-Soul/R&B-1


    The Soul Cartel Band Fest: Carlin Taylor -Keep It 100-Keep It 100-Jimmy Carlin Records –Soul/R&B-1

    Lamar Brace-If You Don’t Want That Woman-If You Don’t Want That Woman-Lamar Brace-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Mr. Sipp- She Gopt Me Swimming-The Soul Side Of Sipp-Malaco Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Ben Ether-I Don’t Want To Dance(I Want To Get My Drank On) –AristoCat –Songs Inc/Ben Ether-Soul/R&B-1

    Prince Djae & Mr.Sam- You Look Sexy-You Look Sexy-PrinceDjaeMusic-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Mz.Sassy-Liquor Store-Take Me To The Liquor Store –Angela Hill/Sherene Reeves/Awesome Bo-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1




    Playlist Report-August 4th -23 Week-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Buddy Guy-Ninety Nine & ½-Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Tommy Castro & The Pain Killers-Two Hearts-Killing It Live-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Alabama Mike-Stuff I Been Thru-Stuff I Been Thru-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Eddie Cotton-Dead End Street-One At A Time-DeChamps Records-SoulBlues-1

    Crystal Thomas-Drank Of My Love-Drank Of My Love-Crystal Thomas Music-SoulBlues-1

    Dylany Triplett-I’ll Be There Waiting For You-Who IS He-Vizztone Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Mr.Sipp-She’s Got Me Swimming-The Soul Side Of Sipp-Malaco Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Narvell Echols-Going Solo-Youngest In Da Game (The New School Blues) -Dirty Delta Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Vick Allen-That Good Thang – Back To The Basics EP-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Jinda Harris Everything Is Allright-Everything Is All Right-2017 Howard Harris Music-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Bruce Wayne Band & Pokey Bear-Youre Doing Too Much-Youre Doin’ Too Much-Evanti Records-Southern Soul/R&B/Soul-1

    Hour 2.0* Syndicated SOTB With Cassie CJ Fox-Aug.4-2023 Hour 2.0 *

    Willie White- I Feel Like Jukin’-Thang For You-Ztae Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Jali The Gentleman-Southern Soul Blues-Southern Soul Blues-1538501 DK Records-SouthernSoul/R&B-1

    Captain Jack Watson-Bridge Over Flooding Waters-Bridge Over Flooding Waters-Music Access Inc.-Southern Soul/SoulBlues-1

    Linsey Alexander-Been There, Done that-Been There Done That-Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1/R&B-1

    Tad Robinson-Changes-Real Streets-Severn Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Rashad The Blues Kid Feat: Klutcher, JL Thompson – Party-Party-Rashad The Blues Kid/SLAPP Productions-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul-1

    Robert Cray Band-Right Next Door (Because Of Me) –Strong Persuader-Mercury/Hightone Records-SoulBlues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Come To Mama-1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    William Bell-Trying To Love Two-Greatest Hits,The Collector’s Edition-Wilbe Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Olivia Knott(Live’)- Preacher-Preacher-TrillLife Productions/Smoke D Productions-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul -1

    Veronia Ra’elle, LAcees, Miss Portia-My Sidepiece (Reply)- My Sidepiece-Southern Soul/R&B-1

    Tucka (King Of Swing) - Party People-Party People-Hit Nation – Southern Soul/R&B-1

    Solomon Thompson Feat: Jeter Jones-Go Live-2020 Solomon Thompson Music-Southern Soul/R&B-1



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