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  • Playlist Report-April 16-2021 –The Syndicated Show “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 **

    Little Jake & The Soul Searchers-634-5789-Not A Chance In A Million-Memphis Express Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Little Milton-Born Yesterday-Feel It-Malaco Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-The Real Deal-The Real Deal-Delmark Records-SoBlues-1

    Dorothy Moore-happy With The One I Got Now-happy With The One I Got Now-Farish Street Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Dorothy Moore-Misty Blue-Music Of Mississippi-Malaco Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jose Ramirez-Here I Come –Here I Come-Jose Ramirez Music-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-hard To Find A Woman-Every Shade Of Blue-Kingsnake & RockHouse Records-Soul/Blues-1

    West Love-Put It On Me-Single-Omar Cunningham Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Parooze-Doing It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down - College Park Music-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Robert Cray Band-Please Stay-Sin &A Shame-Mercury/Polygram Records-SoulBlues-1

    D.A.Foster-Lie to Me-Lie To Me-Vizztone Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Coll Ricky Blues-Roll It-My Blues, My Soul-Recardo Bonds/Betty Lowe Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Beat Flippa & Lil Jimmie-No Drawl On-Beat Flippa POTY-Music Access In-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Strokin’ A Trucker’s Blues-Funky Forty-Gemel Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hour 2.0- SOTB-April 16-2021-Cassie J. Fox-Syndicated Show Only**

    Z.Z.’s Friends-Down Home Blues-Z.Celebration/Tribute To Z.Z. Hill-Malaco Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-The Seventh Son-Best of Bayou Blues-Vangaurd Records-Blues/Soul -1

    Big Ro Williams-Shothouse Music-Shothouse Music-Big Ro Williams Ent Grp/Music-SoulBlues/T&B-1

    Lacee- I Ran A Good Man Away-Lacees Groove-Advantage Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    Delbert McClinton & Roy Buchanan The Chokin’ Kind-Genuine Houserockin’ Music Vol. 2-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Al Green-Letter-Hi Fidelity-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    100 Proof Aged In Soul-Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed –Single-Hot Wax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Zora Young-Living in the USA-Learned My Lesson-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living InA Burning House-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Tommy Castro & Delbert McClinton-Don’t Turn Your Heater Down- Right As Rain-Blind Pig Records-Blues-1

    Taj Mahal/Keb Mo’ Waiting On The World To Change-Taj Mo-Okeh Records-Blues-1

    Arthur young-Loopty Loop-A Trucker’s Blues-Music Access inc-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Tucka-Booty Roll-Single-hit Nation-Soul/R&B-1

    Uvee Hayes-Maintenance Man-Southern Soul Queens-Aviara/CDS Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Big Yayo /Gentry Jones& Omar Cunningham-Bedroom Rodeo-Single-Mabry Music Group-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-April 9-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Rob Hewz-The Thrill IS Gone-Single-Rob Hewz Music-Blues-1

    Sonny Green-Back For A Taste Of Your Love- Found! One Soul Singer-Little Village Foundation Music-Soul/Blues-1

    Cool Rickey Blues-Everybody That Says Goodnight-My Blues My Soul-Recardo Records –SoulBlues-1

    La26 Feat: Keith Frank-Come On Home-Single-La26-CD Baby –Soul/R&B-1

    Betty Wright-Clean Up Woman-The Best Of Betty Wright-Rhino/Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Adrian Bagher-Treat You Right-Shoebox Money Entertainment-Tune Core-Soul/R&B-1

    Kay Kay & The Rays-Love Me Right-The Best Of Kay Kay & The Rays—Catfood Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Solomon Burke-I Got the Blues-Make Do With What You Got-Shout Factory Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Money-where Have all The Soul Men Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Etta James-Don’t Touch Me-Lifes Been Rough On Me-BMG Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby Blackmon-Sleep With One Eye Open-Yeah Baby, Chillin’ With The Blues-Beautiful Bobby Blackmon –Soul/Blues-1

    Dr.D & LJ Echols-Corn Whisky-Corn Whisky –Neckbone Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Snatch Nelson-Another Party Song-Artistry-Fatt Catt Records-Soul/R&B -1

    MeMe Yahsal-Ya Ya Slide –Just Being Me Me-Music Access Inc. – Soul/ R&B-1

    Playlist Report-SOTB-Syndicated-April 9-2021-cassie J. Fox Hours 1 & 2 *

    Buddy Guy-On A Saturday Night-Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-Next To You-Medicine-Telarc Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m Gonna Love You-Sicily Moon-Rock House Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Ro Williams-Shothouse Music-Shot House Music-Big Ro Williams-Soul/Blues-1

    Parooze-Do It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down-College Park Music-Soul/R&B-1

    West Love-Put It On Me-Single-Omar Cunningham Kylee Tunes-Soul/R&B-1

    Karen Wolfe-You Make Me Feel Like I’m Wanted-A Woman Needs A Strong Man-B&J Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Michelle Sweeney & Kenny Hamilton-Big Party –Wet Kiss Productions –Soul/R&B-1

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Drinin’ Wine Spo dee Odee-12 rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    Chris Cain-Born To Play-Raisin’Cane-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    James & Lucky Peterson-Time To Go To Work-If You Can’t Fix It-JSP Productions-Soul/Blues-1

    O/.B.Buchana-Southern Soul Brothers-Southern Soul Brothers-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young Strokin- Funky Forty,A Trucker’s Blues-Gemel Records/Music Access Inc. Soul/R&B-1

  • Playlist Report-April 2nd 2021-Syndicated –“Soul Of The Blues with Cassie CJ Fox”  Hours 1 & 2 ***

    TuTu Jones-Let Me Do-InSide Out-TuTu Jones Music-SoulBlues-1

    Gregg A.Smith-Jumpin’ At The Juke Joint-The Real Deal-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Tommy Castro & The Pain Killers-Keep On Smilin’-The Devil You Know-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton-I Don’t Want To Hear It –Plain From The Heart-Capitol/Curb  Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marvin Gaye- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby –The Very Best Of Marvin Gaye-Motown Records/MCA –Soul/R&B-1

    Major Lance-The Monkey Time –Single-Okeh Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Sweet Angel-Jukin AT The Hole In The Wall-Mr.Wrong Gonna Get This Love Tonight-Sweet Angel Records/Angel Dobbins –SoulBlues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living In A Burnin’ House-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Sherman Robertson-Special  Kind Of Loving –Going Back Home-Sledgehammer Blues-Blues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-Ain’t No Sunshine- The Real Deal-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Ghetto Cowboy & Tucka-Can I Take You Home-Beat Flippa POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    FatDaddy-Mr.Bartender- Gonna Love You Right-Advantage Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    C Wright-Slide In –Choose Me-Total Impaq Music,INC – Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0-Syndicated Weekly  Show- SOTB-April 2-2021- Cassie CJ Fox *

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Night time In The Right Time-12 Rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    Jose Ramirez-The Way You Make Me Feel-Here I Come-Joe Ramirez Music-Blues-1

    Robert Cray-24-7 Man-Take Your Shoes Off-RykoDisc-Soul/Blues-1

    Vaneese Thomas-Love Makes a Woman-Soul Sisters Vol. 1 Tribute to Soul Sisters-Segue Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-I Believe In You-Chronicle, 20 Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Latimore-Something About Cha – The Best Of Latimore-Henry Stone Music –Soul/R&B-1

    Mavis Staples-Were Gonna Make it-Live In London-Anti Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m A Real Blues Man-Back In Love-Rock Hsoue Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Etta James-Baby What You Want Me To Do-Right Time With Etta James-Big A Media Records – Blues-1

    James Peterson-Children Gotta Eat-Don’t Let The Devil Ride-Waldoxy/Mal;aco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Stephanie McDee-You’ve Been Cheating On Me-My SidePiece Original Motion Picture-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B -1

    Jody Sticker-I Made It Better For You-  Jody Sticker Music 2021-Soul/R&B-1

    Special Formula Band & Jeff Floyd-Saturday Night-Tri Gen Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-March 26-2021-Syndicatyed Show-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 *

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-The Real Deal-The Real Deal-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-Next To Me-Medicine-Telearc/UMG –SoulBlues-1

    Shirley Johnson-My Baby Played Me For A Fool-Blues Attack-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Skeeter Brandon-Blues Down In My Bones-I’m A Man Of My Word-Bros Can/Zoom Records-Blues-1

    Cicero Blake-Be Careful With My Heart-I’m Satisfied Deluxe Edition-Aviara/CDS Records-SoulBlues-1

    Rufus & Chaka Khan -Tell Me Something Good-Greatest Hits-1974 ABC Records-Soul/R&B/Funk-1

    The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Wrap It Up-Tuff Enuff -1986 Epic Records-Blues-1

    Fantasia-Collards & Cornbread-Back To Me-JRecords-Soul/R&B-1

    Adrena-Man Gonna Do-Single-Bone 40 Records-Soul/R&B-1 

    Professors Blues Review & Gloria Hardeman-Meet With your Black Drawers On-Geniune HouseRockin’ Music-Vol II-Alligator Records –Blues-1

    Rawls & Luckett-Blind, Crippled & Crazy Medley-I Can’t Sleep At Night- Rooster Blues Records-SoulBlues-1

    Rashad The Blues Kid & Stevie J-Back It Up & Dump It- CD Baby-Soul/R&B-1

    LJ Echols-Tell Somebody-Taste Like Candy-NeckBone Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0- SOTB-Syndicated-March 26-2021-Cassie CJ Fox *

    Buddy Guy-The Blues Is Alive & Well- The Blues Is Alive & Well-Silver Tone Records –Blues-1

    Breezy Rodio-Another Day-If It Ain’t Broke,Don’t Fix It-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Byther Smith & The Night Riders-Cora, You Made A Man out of Me-Mississipi Kid-Delmark Records-Blues-1 

    Tab Benoit-I Put A Spell On You-Nice & Warm-Vanguard Records-Blues-1

    Floyd Miles-Another Man Will-Another Man Will - Rock House Records/Westwood -Soul/Blues-1

    Theodis Ealey & Francine Reed-You Got What It Takes-Stand Up In It-Ichiban Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Shirley Johnson-Blues IS All I Got-Blues Attack-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-Burnin’ Love-Burnin’ Love-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Adrean-Licker Man-Single-

    Bigg Robb & Darryl –Its Juicy(Ox Tails & Gravy)  –Jenner Music/Over 25 Sound-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Daddy E-Call On Me-Single-Mose2Mose Music-Soul/R&B-1




  • Playlist Report-March 19-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues with Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 *

    Big Ro Williams-Shot House Music-Shot House Music-Big Ro Williams/CD Baby-SoulBlues-1

    Little Milton-Loveable Girl-Feel It-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roscoe Robinson-So Called Friends-Sound Mindz Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-My Love Bone-Strange Love-Ocean Beach Records/Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Wilson Pickett-Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool You-Hits Best Of-Atlantic/Rhino Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Gwen McCrae-Lead Me On –Lay It On Me-Sony Entertainment –Soul/R&B-1

    Eugene Hideaway Bridges- End Of Time-Coming Home-Armadillo Records-SoulBlues/E&B-1

    Francine Reed-Fooling With My Respect-Can’t Make It On My Own –Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Fenton Robinson-I Hear Some Blues Downstairs-I Hear Some Blues Downstairs-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Linsey Alexander-Going Out Walking-Live AT Rosa’s Lounge-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Mr. Sipp-Hold It In The Road-TBMC-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sir Jonathan Burton-Tenneesee Whiskey-Single-Sir Jonathan Burton Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Playlist Report-SOTB-March 19-2021-Hour 2.0**Cassie CJ Fox

    Melisa Etherideg-Memphis Train-Rock & Soul-Tribute to Stax Records-Concord/Stax Records-Soul-1

    Mosley & Johnson-Last Night-Juke Joint-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Mighty Sam McClain-Are You Ready For Love-One More Bridge To Cross-Telearc Records-SoulBlues-1

    J.Geils Band-I Do-Monekly Island-0Atlantic Records-soul/R&B-1

    Q-Dancin’ Man-Dancin’ Man-Epic/Sonny Records 1977-Soul/R&B-1

    Joe Simon-Get Down On The Floor-Best Of The Spring Years-Spring Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Marvin Sease-Double Crosser-The Best Of Marvin Sease-Jive Records-SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-If I Could Reach Out-Not Going Away-Blue Dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Chuck Roberson-Deep South Southern Soul- 2 For 1 Southern Soul - CDS Records-SoulBlues/Southern Soul -1

    Big Ro Williams-Booty Shakin’-Single-  Big Ro Ent Group-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Beat Flippa-Nose Wide Open-POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Betty Padgett-I’m For Real-I’m For Real;-Brimstone Entertainment-Soul/Blues-1




  • Playlist  Report-March 5-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”


    Chris Cain Band-Don’t Let The Same Dog Bite You Twice-Somewhere Along The Way-Blind Pig Records-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton & Francine Reed-I Used to Worry-Never Been Rocked enough-Curb Records-SoulBlues-1

    Etta James-Misty Blue-The Dreamer-Verve Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bobby Womack-110th Street-Anthology-Universal Music/Metro Goldwyn Mayer-Soul/R&B-1

    Joe Simon-Easy To Love-Bad Case Of Love-Ace Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Stephanie McDee-Cheating on Me- My Sidepiece-Original Motion Picture-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Jeff Floyd-Using Me-Watch Me Work-Wilbe Records-SoulBlues-1

    Clifford Curry-Stacked In The Back- Clifford’s Blues-Apaloosa Music –Blues-1

    Fernest Arecenaux-I’m On My Way Back Home-Zydeco Blues Party-Mardi Gras Records-Blues/Zydeco -1

    GateMouth Brown-Going Back to Louisiana-Back to Bogalusa-Blue thumb Records-Blues-1

    Mr.Sam-Just Like That –Blues Mix Super Soul Music –Ecko Records –SoulBlues-1  

    Lacee-Lacee’s Groove-Lacee’s Groove-Advantage Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Chairmen Of The Board-Three Women-Soul Tapestry- Surfside Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0 **-Syndicated –SOTB-Cassie J. Fox * March 5-2021

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Katie Webster-Try A Llittle Tenderness-Swamp Boogie queen-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Keb Mo’ - She Just Wants To Dance-Keb Mo’-Okeh/Song Music-Blues-1

    Linsey Alexander-I’m Not Your Problem-Two Cats-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Theodis Ealey-Bluesman Lover-Stand Up In It-IFGAM Records-SoulBlues-1

    Diedra-Red Shoes-Bluez Diva –Paisley Guitar Publishing –Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Gene Chandler-Rainbow 80’Greatest-Music Collection International-Soul/R&B-1

    Ko Ko Taylor-Let Me Love You-An Audience With The Queen-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Earl Gaines- 24 Hours A Day-Nothin’ But The Blues-ecko Records-Blues-1

    Frank Mendenhall-Shont Dont Dont – Hard Times –Wurst Act Productions-SoulBlues-1

    Donnie Ray- You Got Me-You Got Me-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    D.Saunder-Shook-Shook-D.Saunders Music-Soul /R&B-1

    Pokey Bear-Can You Keep A Secret-Can You Keep A Secret-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-February 26-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Big James & The Chicago Playboys- Right Here, Right Now-Blind Pig Records-SoulBlues-1

    Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows-Were Gonna Make It-Playing For Keeps-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bettye LeVette-Games People Play-Nearer To You-Charly/Silver Fox-Soul/R&B-1

    Lou Pride-Revenge-Twisting The Knife-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Garnet Mims & The Enchanters-Cry Baby -12 Great Songs-Collectables –Soul/R&B-1

    Solomon Burke-Love Buys Love-A Change IS Gonna Come-Rounder Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Mr.Sipp-Turn Up-Knock A Hole In In It-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Any Fool Will Do –Devil Child-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Ko Ko Taylor-If You Got  A Heartache –From The Heart Of a Woman-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Money-Where Have All The Soulmen Gone-Third Street Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bigg Robb-I Need A Drink-Born 2 Do This-Over 25/Jenner Music-SoulBlues-1

    Big Cynthia-You Drive Me Crazy –Its My Time-CDS Records-SoulBlues-1

    SOTB-Syndicated –February 26-2021-Hour 2.0 *


    Roy Roberts-Hard To Find A Woman-Every Shade Of Blue-Kingsnake/Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Shaun Murphy-Be Good To Yourself-Mighty gates-Vision Wall Records-SoulBlues-1

    John McNamara-Security-Rollin’ With It-Bahool Records-SoulBlues-1

    The Funk Brothers &M’chelle Ndegocello-You Really Got A Hold On Me-Standing in The Shadows Of Motown-UNI/Motown Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Joe Simon-Music In My Bones-Greatest Hits The Spring Years-Soul/R&B -1

    Freddie Scott-Are You Lonely For Me Baby –Are You Lonely For Me Baby –Sony/Columbia Records- Soul/R&B-1

    Big G-Tell Me Can you Feel It-Yellow Ribbon-Stone River Records-SoulBlues-1

    D.Saunders-Shook-Single-D.Saunders Msuic-Soul/R&B/Southern Soul – 1

    Mighty Lester-Were Gonna Ball Tonight-Were Mighty Lester-Mighty Lester Music-Blues-1

    Corey Dennison Band-Don’t Say Yourre sorry-Corey Dennison Band-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Nappy Brown With The Heart Fixers--Tonight I’ll B Staying Here With You-Tore Up-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Narvel echolls-Pour Me A Drank-Return Of The Country Boy-Dirty Delta Entertainment-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Bishop Bullwinkle-Hell to the Naw Naw  Naw- Hell To The Naw Naw-Music Access Inc.-SoulBlues-1

    O.B.Buchana-Bet She Gotta Good Un’-Single-Ecko Records-Soul Blues-1


  • Playlist Report-February 19-2021 Week-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1& 2*

    Buddy Guy & Tracy Chapman-Ain’t No Sunshine-Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    B.B.King-Ain’t Nobody’s Business-Slow,Moody, Black & Bluesy-UMG Records-Blues-1

    Ko Ko Taylor-Come To Mama-Queen Of The Blues-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Ace Moreland-I’m A Damn Good Time –I’m A Damn Good Time-Kingsnake Records-Blues-1

    Curtis Salgado-The Longer I Live-Damage Control-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jo Jo Murray-Ive Got A Good Woman –

    Lee Williams & The Cymbals-I Love You More-carnival Classics-Carnival Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Major Lance-Ain’t No Sweat-Stax Soul Singles-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby Rush & Keb’ Mo- Nighttime Gardner-Porcupine Meat-Rounder Records-Blues-1

    J Won-Jeter Jones-Cold Bed Blues-Da GQ Country Boy-Musioc Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Beat Flippa-(Benito & Lady Q) Nose Wide Open-Beat Flippa POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Larome Powers- So Many Fish In The Sea-Whats Life Without Love-Malalco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lamar Brace-Family Reunion-From The Soul-Music Access Inc.-Soul/Blues-1

    Hour 2.0- Syndicated SOTB-February 19-2021-Playlist Report

     Roy Roberts-Dirty Old Man-Nothin’ But The Blues-Rock Hosue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ms.Zeno-Back In Love-Mojo Queen-Blue Lotus Records –SoulBlues-1

    Robert Cray Band-Jealous Mind-Some Rainy Morning-Island Def Jam Records-SoulBlues-1

    Theodis Ealey-Lets Get It On/Rock Me Tonight Medley-I’m The Man You Need-IfGam Records-SoulBlues-1

    MarvinSease-I Stand Accused-Show Me What You Got-Mercury Records-SoulBlues-1

    Slam Allen Band-Lets The Good Times Roll-This World-Soulworking Music & B2K Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Son Seals-I Believe-Midnight Son-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Shaun Murphy-I Pity The Fool-Loretta-Vision Wall Records-SoulBlues-1

    Otis Clay-She’s About A Mover-Tryin’ To Live My Life Without you-Hi Records/Fat Possum Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Rue Davis-Big Hip Woman- 1 Stop Graphics & Business Solutions-Soul/R&B-1

    Miz Pat Cooley-Older Woman/Younger Man-Blues,Soul & Old School –Over 25 Sound-Soul/R&B-1



  • Playlist Report-Feb. 12-2021-Syndicated Show-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    William Bell –Born Under A Bad Sign-Bound To Happen-Stax Records-SoulBlues-1

    lbert Collins-Blue Monday Hangover-Frost Bite-Alligator Records-Blues-1

     Dorothy Moore-Happy With The One I Got Now–Happy With The One I Got Now-Farish Street Record-SoulBlues-1

    Curtis Salgado-Always Say I Love You-Damage Control-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Eva Cassidy The Letter-Time After Time-Blix Records-Soul/Adult Contemporary-1

    Johnny Guitar Watson-A Real Mother For Ya-A Real Mother For Ya-High Fashion Music-Soul/Funk-1

    Robert Cray Band-Smoking Gun-Strong Persuader-High Tone Records/Island Def Jam-SoulBlues-1

    Nappy Brown-Lemon Squeezing Daddy-Tore Up- Nappy Brown With The Heart Fixers-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Pap John Creech-Papa’s Down Home Blues-papa JohnCreach-Master Classics Records-Blues-1

    Gina Brown-I’m A Lady-G’s Spot –Gina Brown Music-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Corey Rudolph-Wanna Be A Player-Wanna Bea Player-CDS Records-Soul/BluesR&B-1

    Donnie Ray-I Wrote A Letter To My Baby Pt. 1-The Best Of Donnie Ray-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    * Hour 2.0-Syndicated SOTB-February 12-2021 *

    B.B. King & Tracy Chapman-The Thrill Is Gone-Deuces Are Wild-MCA/UMG/Geffen Records – Blues-1

    Etta James-I Want to Ta Ta You Baby -Life, Love & The Blues-Sony Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Jonny Lang-Second Guessing-Wander This World-UMG/A&M Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-Touched By An Angel-–Daylight With a Flashlight-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living In A Burning House-Alligator Records-Blues Rock-1

    Clarence Carter-Sixty Minute Man-Best Of

    Lee Williams & The Cymbals-I Love You More-Carnival Classics-Carnival Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Total Package Band (TPB)-Liefstyles  Of The Poor & Unknown-T’s Groove-Wilbe Records –Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Never Been To Spain-Blue’s Keep Knocking Connor Ray Music-Blues-1

    Travis MoonChild Haddix-Daylight At Midnight-Saylight at Midnight-EarWig Music-Blues-1

    O.B.Buchana-She’s Got A Good Un’ –Single-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Beat Flippa & Hisyde, Avail Hollywood-Its Ova-POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Blues -1

    Beat Flippa & Benito & Lady Q-Nosewide Open-POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B/Blues-18547745464?profile=RESIZE_930x

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