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                                                          DECEMBER 13, 2019
    1. tbd                                                     -  BLACKZACK AND ROBIN MOET
    2. friday                                                 -  SIR CHARLES JONES
    3. i'm still here                                       -  REGGIE BOONE
    4. higher                                                - CUPID ft. DONNIE BOLDEN JR
    5. my favorite girl                                    - SNATCHER NELSON
    6. down home blues                                -  GRADY CHAMPION
    7. hotta lava                                            -  ZELDA THOMAS
    8. so damn good                                      -  SHEBBA POTTS-WRIGHT
    9. knocking                                              -  DIVA DEE
    10. a man like me                                     -  MS JODY
    11. baby boo remix                                    -  ANGEL FAYE RUSSELL
    12. red shoes                                            -  DIEDRA
    13. it's going down                                     -  ANDRE' LEE
    14. step with me                                        -  MACEO HOLLOWAY
    15. southern soul                                       -  POKA JONES
    16. can i get some                                     -  MR. SAM
    17. a smile on xmas                                   -  LJ ECHOLS
    18. someone else is stepping in                   -  GRADY CHAMPION
    19. cluster funk                                           -  FRANKIES BLUES MISSION
    20. truck driving man(instr.)                          -  JEWMON
    21. broke down man                                    -  TAZZ
    22. the thill is gone                                      -  B.B. KING
    23. i'm gonna tell my moma                          -  UNCLE EDDIE
    24. til the sun rise                                        -  CHRIS ARDION
    25' can i change my mind                             -  SNATCH NELSON
  • Playlist Report-December 13-2019-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 *

    Alabama Mike-Think-Upset The staus Qio-Amercian Showplace Music-SoulBlues-1

    Robert Cray Band-24-7 Man-Take Your Shoes Off-Rhyko/Rhino Records-SoulBlues-1

    Shaun Murphy Band-Need Your Love So Bad-It Won’t Stop Raining-Vision Wall Records-SoulBlues-1

    Suagray Rayford-Is It Just Me-Somebody Save Me-40 Below Records-SoulBlues-1

    B.B. King-Merry Christmas Baby –A Christmas Celebration Of hope-Geffen Records-Blues-1

    Bobby Blackmon-Sleep With One Eye open Chillin’ With The Blues-Beautiful Boby Blackmon-SoulBlues-1

    Betty Padgett-I’m Losing A Good Man-I Didn’t Take Your Man, You Gave Him To Me-Brimstone Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    The Knickerbocker Allstars-Love Makes A Woman-Love Makes A Woman-JP Cadillac Records-SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-Bey Paule Band-Someone You Use-Not Going Away-Blue Dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Fat Daddy-I’m Tired –I’m Gonna Love You Right-Advantage Recordings-Soul Blues-1

    Jesi Terrell-All I Want For Christmas Is Santa –Single-Sound Mindz Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jaye Hammer-She’s Loving Me Crazy-Trouble Trouble-ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls & Otis Clay-Turn Back The Hands Of Time-Soul Brothers-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Little Jake & The Soul Searchers-Not A Chance In A Million-Not A Chance In A Million-Memphis Express Music-SoulBlues-1

    Hour 2.0-SOTB Syndicated Show-December 13-2019 **

    Jo Jo Benson-I Belive In You –Reminiscing The Jam Zone –Alpine Records-SoulBlues-1

    Delbert McClinton-Can I Change My Mind-Never Been Rocked enough-Curb Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Hill-Christmas Snow-Ichiban Blues Vol. 4-Ichiban Rcords-Blues-1

    Syl Johnson-Trade Secret-Talkin’ Bout Chicago-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Charles Wilson-Losin’ Boy – If Heartaches Were Nickels –Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-Back In Love-Back In Love-Rock House Records-Soul Blues-1

    William Bell-Every Day Will Fee Like a Holiday –The Very Best Of William Bell-Stax Records –Soul/R&B-1

    Corey Dennison Band-Nothings to Good For My Baby-Night After Night-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Betty Levette-A Man Of Words-Lost Soul-Rhythm & Soul-Legacy Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    Dave Keller-Baby I Love you-every Soul’s A Star-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Wounded In The Battle Of Love-Gotta Get My Groove Back-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Mr.Smokle-Good Lawd – Who Want Smoke- S& F Records-SoulBlues-1

    The Night Affair Band-If I Take You Home Tonight-Single-Music Access Inc-Soul Blues-1


  • 21st URBAN Century Soul (Real To Real Soul) Top 20
    December 10, 2019
    1. Dabron-------------------Slippin And Sliding
    2. Certified Slim-------------------Voodoo Kinda Love
    3.Jaye Hammer-------------Mississippi Slide
    4. Bill Avery---------------Can I Change My Mind
    5. Ms Jody---------------Doin The Electric Slide
    6.El Willie ------------------ You Were Always On My Mind
    7.Denise LaSalle-----------------I'm Still The Queen (Blues Remix)
    8. Bubbles--------------------------Touch Me
    9. J. T. Watkins--------------Somebody Lord Have Mercy
    10. Prince Ronnie Love-------------Turn That Thing Around (Club Party Mix)
    11.Certified Slim ------------------------- Turn Up
    12. J. C. Hammer--------------------Face Down
    13.J. T. Watkins------------------Sunshine Lady

    14.P. Pride----------------------Using Me To Get To Them

    15. Prince Ronnie Love--------------Double Back

    16.Sam Green---------------------Five Shades Of Love
    17.Greg A. Smith-----------------Don't Cry No More
    18.Ms Jody-------------------------Get It Get It
    19.Val McKnight-------------------Stroke That Cat
    20.Franko-----------------Midnight Holiday

  • "SOUTHERN SOUL RUMPIN'" airs every Saturday from 12 noon til 2 p.m. EST on 89.3, WPFW-FM in the Washington, D. C. area.  Listen online at  Follow the show on Facebook Live.  The playlist for December 7, 2019 was:

    Hardway Connection - Southern Soul Rumpin' (Opening Theme)

    Bigg Robb - Down Home Christmas

    Shai Simone - Southern Soul Juke Box

    Fat Daddy & Sir Charles Jones - Mr. Mail Man

    Diedra The Blues Diva - Merry Christmas Baby

    Brazil - Sho Da Hell Damn Did

    Chris Legacy - Hot Sauce

    Hardway Connection - All Night Blues

    Johnnie Taylor - Soul Heaven

    Corey Rudolph - Southern Soul Music (R. I. P. Corey)

    Jesi Terrell - All I Want For Christmas Is Santa Baby

    Nikita - Jinga Linga Ling

    Bad Influence - I Feel Good

    Tina P - Oh Santa! A Man Under My Tree

    We Are One X-Perience Band - My Gift To You

    Solomon Thompson - Happy Birthday

    Rosalyn Candy - That's My DJ (Happy Birthday Rosalyn)

    Mose Stovall - Holidays Are Here

    Leonard, Coleman & Blunt (LCB) My Time To Shine

    LJ Echols - Santa Stole My Woman

    Hardway Connection - Southern Soul Rumpin' (Closing Theme)


                                                         DECEMBER 6, 2019
                                                                  PLAY LIST
    1. tbd                                                            -  BLACKZACK AND ROBIN MOET
    2. friday                                                         -  SIR CHARLES JONES
    3. i'm still here                                                -  REGGIE BOONE
    4. higher                                                         -  CUPID ft.DONNIE BOLDEN JR
    5. its christmas time                                        -  NELLIE "tiger" TRAVIS
    6. down home blues                                         -  GRADY CHAMPION
    7. so damn good                                              -  SHEBBA POTTS- WRIGHT
    8. a man like that                                             -  MS. JODY
    9. make me yours                                            -  PEGGY SCOTT - ADAMS
    10. red shoes                                                   -  DIEDRA HURDLE- RUFF
    11. where are you now                                       -  DEBRA STACKHOUSE
    12. stretch marks                                              -  MR. DAVID
    13. its going down                                              - ANDRE' LEE
    14. can i get some                                             -  MR. SAM
    15. santa clause wants some lovin                      -  ALBERT KING
    16. give the praises to you                                  -  COREY RUDOLPH
    17. lets get it started                                          -  COREY RUDOLPH
    18. can change my mind                                     -  SNATCH NELSON
    19. cluster funk                                                   -  FRANIE'S BLUES MISSION
    20. truck driving man (instr.)                                 -  JEWMON
    21. santa said give it to you                                 -  DEBRA STACKHOUSE
    22. to our troops                                                 - MARK MAXEY
    23. bad santa                                                     -  BLACKZAK AND ROBIN MOET
    24. missing you at christmas                               -  AL LINDSEY
  • Playlist Report-December 6-2019-Syndicated Show-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”  Hours 1 & 2 **


    Little Milton-Struggling Lady-Struggling Lady-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-I Can’t Go On-Deeper Shade Of Blues-Kingsnake/Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Nellie Tiger Travis-Its Christmas Time-Single-Delvi Records-SoulBlues-1

    Katie Webster-Try A Little Tenderness –Swamp Boogie Queen-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bettye Levette-I’mA Fool For You-Friday Soul-Warner Music Group-5X Music Group -Soul/R&B-1

    Gregg Allman Band-Slip Away-Best Of The Gregg Allman  Band-Epic/Legacy Records-Blues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Never Been To Spain-The Blues Are Knocking –Connor Ray Music –SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Don’t Let My Baby Ride –Remembering O.V.-Catfood Records –SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-Someone You Use-Not Going Away-Blue Dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Breezy Rodio-I’ll Survive-If It Ain’t Broke,Don’t Fix It –Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Chris Daniels & The Kings-Soothe Me –Blues With Horns-Vol. 1-Moon Voyage Records-SoulBlues-1

    Denise LaSalle-The Thrill IS On- Wanted-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Donnell Sullivan-Christmas –Single –Donnell Sullivan-SoulBlues-1

    Dre T.Turner-Mercy- Blues, Soul Old School-Over 25 Sound-SoulBlues-1

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------** Hour 2.0-SOTB-Syndicated-December 6-2019 Playlist

    B.B.King & Robert Cray-Playing With My Friends- Blues Summit-Geffen Records-Blues-1

    Big James & The Chicago Playboys-The Blues Will Never Die- The Big Payback-Blind Pig Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sweet Angel-Jukin At The Hole In The Wall-Can’t Walk Away-SA Records-SoulBlues-1

    Big Daddy Wilson-I Know-Deep in My Soul-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lou Rawls-Natural Man-Classic Lou -Universal Motown Records Group-R&B/Soul-1

    Lou Rawls & Ray Charles-That Where Its At-At Last-Blue Note Records-SoulBlues-1

    Benny Turner-I Want Some Christmas Cheer-Single-Nola Blue Records-Blues-1

    James Cotton-Dust My Broom -40th Anniversary Collection-Blind Pig Records-Blues-1

    Jimmy Johnson -You Don’t Know What Love Is-BarRoom Preacher-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Barbara Carr-You Give Me The Blues-Keep The Fire Burning-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1-Cha Cha Records

    Lil Nathan and The Zydeco Big Timers-Hole In the Wall/Turning Point Medley-Live At The Festivale Internationale De Louisiane -Zydeco /SoulBlues-1

    The Night Affair Band-Take You Home-Single –Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Nelson Curry/Klass Band-Christmas In The Sugar Shack-Single-Neo Blues Music-SoulBlues-1

    O.B.Buchana-Pop Yo Bottle-Pop Yo Bottle-ecko Records-SoulBlues-1


  • Playlist Report-November 29-2019-Syndcated – “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 **

    Percy Sledge-Going Home Tomorrow-Blue Night-Point Blank Records-SoulBlues-1

    Etta James -Baby What You Want Me To Do-The Essential Etta James-Chess/Geffen Records-Blues-1

    Tina Turner-Darling You know I Love You-Whats Love Got To Do With it Sound track-EMI/Parlaphone Records-Blues-1

    Dave Specter-March Through The Darkness-Blues From The Inside Out-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Mavis Staples & The Memphis Horns-Fa Fa Fa Sad Song-The Memphis Horns-Telearc Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Men Of Distinction-Actions Speak Louder Than Words-Anthology-Ripete Records- Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-I Found A Love-The Best Of Johnnie Taylor-Vol. 1-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Drummer-Third Finger Left hand-Unleaded Blues-Earwig Records-SoulBlues-1

    Wee Willie Walker-Funky Way –If Nothing Ever Changes-Little Village Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Lamar Brace-Family Reunion-From The Soul –Music Access Records-SoulBlues-1

    Keisha Brown-Some Bridges Need Burning-The Collection-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Beast Of Burden-Tiger In A Cage-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marquise Knox-Shine on(In The Rain) –Black & Blue- Marquise Knox Entertainment-Blues-1

    Playlist Report-Hour 2.0- SOTB-November 29-2019-Syndicated Show-Cassie J. Fox

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mark Muleman Massey-Plastic Flowers-Two Steps ahead Of The Blues-Icehouse Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-I Truly Love You-Strange Love-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lou Rawls-Room With a View-At Last-Blue Note Recortds-Blues/Jazz-1

    Lou Pride-Breaking Up With You (Don’t Make It With Me)-Twisting The Knife-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bobby Blue Bland-I Hate You-Greatest Hits ABC/Dunhill Records--Vol. 2-Geffen Records-SoulBlues-1

    Luther Ingram-If Loving You Is Wrong-If Loving You NIS Wrong-Loco Bop Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Alvin Youngblood Hart-Treat Her Like a Lady-Start From The Soul-Rhyko/Rhino Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vaneese Thomas-Love Makes A Woman-Soul Sisters-Segue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vernon Garrett-Crossroads-When Somehting IS Wrong With My Baby-EveJim Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Buck-If You Can’t Say Something Good-The Willie Buck Way-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Percy Sledge-Love Come Knocking –Blue Night-Point Blank Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Hill-Try Me Tonight-Leavin’ Won’t Be Easy-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Nathaniel Kimble-Bad Mama Jama-The Ricky White Collection-CDS Records-SoulBlues-1

    Nellie Tiger Travis-Fix A Flat-Mr.Sexy Man-The Album-WeGonSee Records-SoulBlues-1



                                                       NOVEMBER 22, 2019
                                                                PLAY LIST
    1. tbd                                                        -  BLACK ZACK & ROBIN MOET
    2. friday                                                     -  SIR CHARLES JONES
    3. i'm still here                                            -  REGGIE BOONE
    4. higher                                                    -  CUPID ft. DONNIE BOLTON JR.
    5. shake them haters off                             -  TYREE NEAL
    6. can you rock me like a pot hole               -  RITA BRENT
    7. a man like that                                       -  MS. JODY
    8. so damn good                                        -  SHEBBA POTTS-WRIGHT
    9. come get it (this good good)                    -  SUMMER WOLFE
    10. threesome                                           -  ROSALYN CANDY
    11. size of the ship                                     -  DIEDRA
    12. sho tha hell damn did                            -  BRAZIL
    13. blues me up                                         -  KAREN "SPECIAL K" WOLFE
    14. it's going down                                      -  ANDRE' LEE
    15. i'm sorry                                               -  LENNY WILLIAMS
    16. fat woman                                             -  JAMES PAYNE
    17. broke down man                                    -  TAZZ
    18. ready to love you                                   -  TARA
    19. good man                                              -  WENDAL B.
    20. clusterfunk                                            - FRANKIES BLUES MISSION
    21. truck driving man (instr.)                          -  JEWMON
    22. bad santa                                              -  BLACK ZACK & ROBIN MOET
    23. wet match                                              -  JILL SHARP
    24. grown folks party (remix)                          -  NELSON CURRY
    25. t'il the sun rise                                         -  CHRIS ARDION
  • SOUTHERN SOUL RUMPIN' airs every Saturday from 12 noon til 2 p.m. EST on WPFW-FM, 89.3 in Washington, D. C. Online listening is available at  The playlist for November 23 was:

    Hardway Connection - Southern Soul Rumpin' (Opening Theme)

    Karen Wolfe - Girls Night Out

    J. Red The Nephew & Theo Huff - Have A Good Time

    Big - Freaky Groove Remix

    Monique Ford - I Came To Party

    Jay Morris Group - Ms. Wendy (4 For 4)

    Fat Daddy & Sir Charles Jones - Mr. Mail Man

    Brazil - Sho Da Hell Damn Did

    Ms. Jody - Still Strokin' (Remix)

    Joe Simon - Your Time To Cry

    Donnie Ray - Who's Rockin' You (Remix)

    Chris Legacy - Hot Sauce

    Bad Influence - Wee Wee Hours

    Rashad - Shake It

    Interviewed Rashad

    Rashad - Stealing It

    Sharnette Hyter & JJ Callier - Stilettos & Jeans

    Willie B - Didn't Wanna Wake Up

    Solomon Thompson - Happy Birthday Song

    Terry Wright - House Party

    Lomax - Why You Wanna Do That

    Sir Jonathan Burton & Bishop Bull Winkle - Pouring Water On A Drowning Man

    Sol Roots & Phil Wiggins - Forgiveness

    The show is archived on the station's website for 2 weeks at

  • Playlist Report-November 22-2019-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2**

    Cash McCall-Your Lovin’ Don’t Come Free-Cash Upfront-Stone Records-Blues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Love Stuff-Memphis Still Got Soul-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Hooked On Your Love-Hooked On Your Love –Blind Pig Records-SoulBlues-1

    Irma Thomas-Please Don’t Mess With My Man-Greatest Hits-Vanilla OMP-Soul/R&B-1

    Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters-Cry Baby-Greatest Hits-Parlaphone Catalogue –Soul/R&B-1

    Klass Band Brotherhood - We Jukin’  -We Call The Shots In Soul-Music/Access Inc. –SoulBlues-1

    Albert Collins-I Ain’t Drunk-Cold Snap-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-Can’t Have it Your way-Burnin’ Love-Rockhouse Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-Soul Shine-Grown Ass Woman-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Mel Waiters-Who Got The Whiskey –Dance Music-Brittaney Records-SoulBlues-1

    Geno Wesley-Shes Got The Juice-Single-Geno Wesley-SoulBlues-1

    Mavis Staples-Lets Do It Again LIVE-Live From London-Anti/Epitaph-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Otis Clay-She’s About A Mover-You Don’t Miss Your Water-Cotillion Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0 ** SOTB-November 22-2019 Playlist Report –Syndicated Show


    B.B.King & Buddy Guy-I Pity The Fool –Blues Summit-Geffen Records-Blues-

    Charles Wilson-Over At Fannie Mae’s -1The Best Of Charles Wilson-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bill Coday-Do Wrong Man-Sneakin’ Back-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Candi Staton-Where I’m At – Life Happens-Bericah Records-SoulBlues-1

    Mable John-Same Time Same Place-Stax Records-The Collection-1958-68-Soul/R&B-1

    Soul Children-Best Of The Soul Children-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Eddie 9V-Lo-Fi Love –Left My Soul In Memphis-Hubbub!Music-SoulBlues-1

    Rockin’ Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters-Fire-Zydeco Party! – Mardi Gras Records-Zydeco/SoulBlues-1

    Lou Pride –Revenge-Twistin’ The Knife-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Little Jake & The Soul Searchers-634-5789-Not A Chance Ina Million-Memphis express Records-SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-Someone You Use-Not Going Away-Blue dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Donnie ray-Who’s Rockin’ You-Blues Mix 30-Swing Out Soul-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jeter Jones P2KDa Diddy-Juke Joint –Dhis Him-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Jackie Neal-Down in Da Club(Go DJ) – Down In Da Club-Jazzy Records-SoulBlues-1

    Otis Redding-Respect-The Very Best of Otis Redding-Rhino/Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

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