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  • Playlist Report-June 11-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Adam Schartz-A Real Mother For Ya-Soulful Distancing-Nola Blue Records –SoulBlues-1

    Bobby Blue Bland-Ain’t No Love For Sale-Portrait Of The Blues-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Chris Cain-Found A Way-Raisin Cane-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Gerald McClendon-Lets Have A Party- Lets Have A Party-Delta Roots Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Curtis Mayfield/The Impressions-Taking Bout My Baby –Keep On Pushing-ABC/Paramount-Soul/R&B-1

    William Bell-The Three Of Me –This Is Where I Live-Concord/Stax Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Clayton-Theres No Getting Over Me –Theres No Getting Over Me-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Tinsley Ellis-Nothing But Fine-Winning Hand-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton/Little Milton-Some Kind Of Wonderful-welcome To Little Milton-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Tia Carroll-I Need Someone-You Gotta Have It-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Rob Hewz-Why Can’t We Just Get Along-Life After The 9-5-CD Baby-Soul?R&B-1

    Snatch Nelson-Another Party Song-Artistry-Snatch Nelson/CD Baby-Soul/R&B-1

    Rico Baby-Your Wife Is My Wife Too-Phases-Hip Hop Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Ronnie Bell-Boujie-365-Ronnie Bell Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Playlist Report-June 11-2021-SOTB-Syndicated Show Only* Cassie J. Fox-Hour 2.0*

    Rodd Bland & The Members Only Band-Sitting On a Poor Man’s Throne –Single-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Adam Shultz-Can I Change My Mind-Soulful Distancing-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Stacii Adams-Last Few Dollars-The Baggage Claim-Stacii Adams Music-SoulBlues-1 

    Roy Gaines-W.C.handy Sang The Blues-New Frontier Lover-Severn Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts/Johnny Rawls-Country Boy-Partners & Friends-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Gewn McCrae-Please Don’t Go-Gwen McCrae Sings-Henry Stone Records/TK Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-A Love To Call Mine –This IS Your Night-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Adam Shultz-Who Told You-Soulful Distancing-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marva Wright-The Weight-Marva-Aim Records-SoulBlues-1

    D.Saunders-Hit It-Hit It-D.Saunders Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Yayo & J.Wonn-Come & Get It-Southern Classic-Mabry Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Ej Soul & Narvel Echols- Country Boy Slide-Dirty Delta entertainment-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-June 4-2021-Syndicated Show-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Earl Gaines-24 Hours A Day-Nothin’ But The Blues-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Drink Small-Something In The Milk Ain’t Clean-Drink Small-Ichiban Records-Blues-1

    Theodis Ealey-Bluesman Lover-Stand Up In It-Ifgam Records-SoulBlues-1

    Tia Carerroll-I Need Someone-You Gotta Have It-Little Village Music  Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Lee Williams & The Cymbals-I Love You More-Carnival Records Hits-Carnival Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Stephanie McDee-You Been Cheating on Me-Return Of The Southern Soul Queen-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Karen Wolfe-You Make Me feel Like I’m Wanted-A Woman Needs A Strong Man-Coday Records-SoulBlues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living In A Burning House-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Sonny Green & Alabama Mike—Trouble-Found! One Soul Singer-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Shawn Holt & The Tear Drops-Fannie Mae-Daddy Told Me-Blind Pig Records-Blues-1

    O.B.Buchana-Bet You GotA Good Un-Southern Soul Brothers-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ronnie Bell-Boujie Booty-365-Ronnie Bell Music/CD Baby-Soul/R&B-1

    D.Saunders-Hit It-Single –D. Saunders Music- Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young- Loopty Loop-A Truckers Blues-Music Access Inc.- Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Hour 2.0-Syndicated – SOTB-Cassie CJ Fox-June 4-2021 *

    Z.Z.Hill-I’m Gonna Stop You From Giving Me The Blues-Greatest Hits – Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Zakiya Hooker-Cold Cold Feeling-Keeping It Real-Boogie With The Hook Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts & Johnny Rawls-Reach Out-Partners And Friends-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Tia Carroll-Mama Told Me-You Gotta Have It-Little Village Music Foundation-SoulBlues-1

    Roy C-After The Disco Is Over –Roy C-Tuff City Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Joe Simon-Get Down On The Floor-Greatest Hits-the Spring Years-Soul/R&B-1

    John Nemeth-Testify-Memphis Grease-John Nemeth Music –SoulBlues-1

    Earnest Roy-Come On Lets Juke-Come On Lets Juke-June Bug Productions-Blues-1

    Zora Young-Better Off With The Blues-Learned My Lesson-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Tommy Castro & Delbert McClinton-Don’t Turn Your Heater Down-Right As Rain-Blind Pig Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-Looking Bad Situation-Its Only You-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sheba Potts Wright-Try My Love At Your Own Risk-Blues Mix # 9-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Tucka-Booty Roll –Booty Roll-CD Baby Pro-Soul/R&B-1

    Wall Street-Closing Time-Against The Wall-Odell Mickens-CD Baby Sync Publishing-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-Syndicated Show- “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” May 28-2021 Hours 1 & 2 **

    Dorothy Moore-Happy With The One I Got Now –Happy With The One I Got Now –Farish Street Recvords-SoulBlues-1

    Don Bryant-First You Cry –Don’t Give Up On Love-Fat Possum Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Gerald McClendon –Can’t Stop Me Now-Can’t Stop Now-Delta Roots Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Clarence Spady-Pick Me Up-Surrender-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ann Peebles-99 lbs-St.Louis Woman,Memphis Soul-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby McClure-Love Trap –Was It Something I Said-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Where Have All The SoulMen Gone-Where Have All The Soulmen Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-All My Dues Are Paid-All My Dues Are Paid –Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    B.B.King-The Thrill Is Gone-Completely Well-Geffen /Universal Music Group-Blues-1

    Tinsley Ellis-I Got Mine-Winning Hand-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Fernest Arecenaux –I’m On My Way Back Home-Zydeco Blues Party-Mardi Gras Records-Zydeco/SoulBlues-1

    O.B.Buchana-Southern Soul Brothers-Southern Soul Brothers-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Nellie Tiger Travis-Mr.Sexy Man-Mr.Sexy Man The Album-WeGonSeeRecords-Soul/R&B-1

    The Night Affair Band-Take You Home-Take You Home-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Hour 2.0-Syndicated Show SOTB With Cassie J. Fox-May 28-2021 **


    Roy Roberts-Have You Seen My Baby-Every Shade Of Blue-Kingsnake/Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Columbus Toy –Grits Ain’t Groceries-Single-Columbus Toy Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Cool Ricky Blues-Everybody That Say Goodnight-My Blues My Soul-Betty Lowe Records-SoulBlues-1

    Robert Cray-24-7 Man-Take Your Shoes Off-Rhyko/Rhino Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jean Knight-Mr.Big Stuff-Stax Soul Singles 1968-71-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    James & Bobby Purify-I’m Your Puppet-Shake A Tail Feather-Legacy Recordings –Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Guilty As Charged –Just Can’t Do Right-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jose Ramirez-Here I Come-Here I Come-Jose Ramirez Records-Blues-1

    Shaun Murphy-Hey Baby (Don’t You Remember)-It Won’t Stop Raining-Vision Wall-SoulBlues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-Do Something –The Real Deal-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Columbus Toy-HoBo Man-Single Columbus Toy Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ronnie Bell –Boujie Booty-Ronnie Bell 365-Reel Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Loopty Loop-A Truckers Blues-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Mr.Smoke-Good Lawd-Who Want Smoke- S&F Records-SoulBlues-1

    LA26 Keith Frank-Come On Home-Single-Soulwood Records-Soul/Blues-1

  • Playlist Report-May 21st 2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Marva Wright-The Weight-Marva-Aim Records-SoulBlues-1

    Wilson Pickett-Whats Under That Dress?-Its Harder Now-Bullseye Blues Records-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Hill-Try Me-Tonight-Leaving Won’t Be Easy-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Clarence Spady-If My Life Was A Book-Surrender-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Z.Z.hill-Lets Make A Deal-Mark Of ZZ-Westside UK Records-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Willie Hightower-Walk A Mile In My Shoes-If I Had A Hammer-Capitol Catalogue Mkt-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-If You Can’t Put It Out-Anthology Of Soul & Blues-Rock Hosue Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings -Natural Born Lover-Dap Tone Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Vernon GArreett- Doors Of My Heart-Too Hip To Be Happy-Ichiban Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Buddy Guy – Ninety Nine & ½ -Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Shaun Murphy-Hurt Me Good-Reason To Try-vision Wall Records-SoulBlues-1

    John Nemeth-She’s My Punisher-Stronger Than Strong-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ann Devae-Lucky Foot-Single-DK Records-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    J-Fitz-I Couldve Stayed At Home-All Of Me-Pg Entertainment –Soul/R&B-1

    J Red-Give It To Me-J Red The Nephew & Friends-Soul MopMusicGroup-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0- May 21-2021-Syndicated Show Only “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    B.B.King & Katie Webster-Since I Met You Baby-Blues Summit –MCA Geffen Records –Blues-1

    Anthony Paule Band & Wee Willie Walker-Hate Take A Holiday –After A While-Blue Dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Artie Blues Boy White-God Blessed our Love-Where Its At-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Betty Padgett-Payin’ Bill and Poppin Pills –The Real Deal-Brimstone Entertainment-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Just The One Ive Been Looking For-Rare Stamps-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Rocket 88-12 Rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    Mr.Sipp-Ain’t Nobody’s Business-The Mississippi Blues Child-Malaco Records-Soul Blues

    Latimore-What I’d Say-Latimore Remembers Ray Charles-Henry Stone Music-SoulBlues-1

    Linsey Alexander-Something About Cha-Live At Rosa’s Lounge-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Pokey Bear-Can You Keep A Secret-Single-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    David Brinston-She’s A Freak-Side Piece Motel-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Larry Griffith Band-Big Legged Woman-Theodis Presents A Southern Soul Mix -Ifgam Records –SoulBlues-1

    WallStreet-Old School Music-Against The Wall-CD Baby Music-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-May 14-2021- Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie J. Fox”

    Taj Mahal –She Caught The Katy-The Essential Taj Mahal-Coumbia Legacy Records-Blues-1

    Theodis Ealey & Lacee-Think It Over – You & I Together-Ifgam Records-SoulBlues-1

    Parooze-Doing It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down-College Park Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Lee Fields & The Expressions –Youre Whats Needed In My Life-It Rains Love-Big Crown Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Sugaray Rayford-Is It Just Me-Somebody Save Me-40 Below Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Sweet Inspirations-Sweet Inspiration-The Sweet Inspirations-Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Archie Bell & The Drells-There’s Gonna Be A Showdown –Thers Gonna B eA Showdown-Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts and Johnny Rawls-Can’t You See-Partners & Friends-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    FatDaddy-I’m Tired-Gonna Love You Right-Advantage Recordings-Soul Blues-1

    Cool Ricky Blues-Everybody That Say Goodnight-My Blues, My Soul-Betty Lowe Records-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Curtis Salgado-The Longer I Live-Damage Control-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sonny Mack-Mac The Bluesman-Going For Gold-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ronnie Bell-Boujie Booty –365-Ronnie Bell 2020-Soul/R&B-1

    Stan Butler-West Love-Shake It Baby-Shake It Baby -Stantavio D.Butler-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Strokin –A Truckers Blues-Music Access-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0- SOTB Playlist Report-May 14-2021-Cassie J. Fox*

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tab Benoit-I Put A Spell On You-Nice and Warm-Vanguard Records-SoulBlues-1

    Syl Johnson-Stuck in Chicago- Diamond In The Rough-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Billy Scott & The Prophets Big Rear View Window-Looking Back At The Hits – Flipside Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Chris Cain-Born To Play-Raising Cain-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Eddie Cotton-Ego At Your Door-One At A Time-CD Baby-SoulBlues-1

    Frank Bey-It’s a Pleasure-All My Dues Are Paid-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Blues Woman- Memphis Still Got Soul-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lacee-I Ran A Good Man Away- Lacee’s Groove-Advantage Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Maurice Wynn-What She Don’t Know –Better Safe Than Sorry-Susie Q Records-SoulBlues-1

    Benny Turner-VooDoo Lady-Journey-Nola Blue Records-Blues-1

    Mighty Sam McClain-Sweet Dreams-Sweet Dreams-Telearc Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Terrence Davis-Red Cup-Single-Mohitz Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    EJ Soul & Narvel Echols-Country Boy Slide-Single-Direty Delta Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Stan Mosley-Don’t Make Me Creep –The Soul Singer-Malaco Records-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-May 7-2021 –Syndicated Show: “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2**

    Clifford Curry-Stacked In The Back-Anthology-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    CoCo Montoya-Something  About You-The Essential Co CO Montoya-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Gregg Martinez-Who’s Loving You-Soul Of The Bayou-Red Hot Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Clarence Spady-If Life Was A Book-Surrender-Nola Blue Records-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton-Have Mercy-Keeper Of The Flame-Mercury Records-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-Ive Got A Gypsy Woman-Every Shade Of  Blue-Kingsnake/Rock House Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Dorothy Moore-Happy With The One I Got Now-Happy With The One I Got Now-Farish Street Records- SoulBlues-1

    Drink Small-Steal Away-Round Two-Ichiban Records-Blues-1

    King Brothers-Rock Me Baby-Get Up & Shake It -Savoy Records-Soul Blues-1

    O.B. Buchana-Mama You’ve Been Good-Southern Soul Brother-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Karen Wolfe-You Make me Feel Like I’m Wanted-A Woman Needs A Strong Man-B&J Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Chocolate Thunder-Love IS Sneaking Up On Me – CD Baby-Soul/Blues-1

    Dr.D & LJ Echols-Corn Whisky-NeckBone Records-Soul/R&B-1

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hour 2.0- Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” May 7-2021 **


    Fernest Arecenaux-On My Way Back Home-Zydeco Blues  Party-Mardi Gras Records-Zydeco Blues Party - Soul/Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-Next To Me-Medicine-Telearc Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Gregg Allman-House Of Blues-Searching For Simplicity-BME Music/Sony 550-Blues-1

    Shirley Johnson-634-5789-Blues Attack –Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Charles Big Daddy Stallings-Mama-Goin’ Back Home-Tajeiria Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Town Too Small-Where Have all The Soul Men Gone” –Third Street Cigar Records-Soul/Blues-1

    West Love-Put It On Me-Put It On Me-Single-Kylee Tunz-Soul/R&B-1

    Parooze –Doin’ It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down-College Park Records-Soul/R&B-1
    Darryl Johnson-Shop Around-Single-Suite D Productions-Soul/R&B-1  

    Total Package Band-Lifes Styles Of The Poor & Unknown-T’s Groove-Wilbe Records-Soul/R&B-1

    P2K Da Diddy-The Boom Boom Room –Welcome To Da Boom Boom Room-2018-P2K Da Diddy-Soul/R&B-1

    Stephane McDee-Walk Like A Boss- Soul Survivor Solid-Stephanee McDee-R&B/Soul -1

    Ann Devae-Good Good Lovin-Lucky Foot-2420528 Records DK-Soul/R&

  • Playlist Report-April 23-2021 Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Mighty Sam McClain-Respect Yourself-Sweet Dreams-Telearc Records-SoulBlues-1

    Melvin Smoke House Moore-Slip Away-Louisiana Burnin’ Blues-Mardi Gras Records-SoulBlues-1

    Men Of Distinction-Actions Speaks Louder Than Words-Anthology-Ripete Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jose Ramirez-Whatever She Wants-Single-Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1

    Clarence Gatemouth Brown-Going Back To Louisiana-Back To Bogalusa-UMG/Verve Recordings – Blues-1

    Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band-Turn On Your Lovelight-Dance All Night-Blind Pig Records-Zydeco/Blues-1

    Charles Wilson-Baby Sitter –Charles Wilson Music-CDBaby-SoulBlues-1

    Stephanie McDee-Woman To Woman –Total Impact-Miracle Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Mighty Lester-Were Gonna Ball Tonight-We Are Mighty  Lester-Mighty Lester Productions-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton-Leap Of Faith-One Of The Fortunate Few-Curb Universal Records-SoulBlues-1

    Dennis Jones- Nothin On You-Soft hard and Loud –Blue Rock Records-Blues-1

    Columbus Toy-Youre The Kind Of Woman-Love Soul-Columbus Toy Productions-Soul/R&B-1

    Al Davis –Its My Time To Party on The Weekend Single-Al Davis Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Playlist Report-April 23-2021-Hour 2.0 ** SOTB-Cassie J. Fox **

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mel Brown & The Homewreckers-I’ll Play The Blues For You-Homewreckin’ Done Live – ElectroFi Records-Blues-1

    Chris Cain-Born to Play-Raisin’ Cain-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Mighty Sam McClain-Sweet Dreams-Sweet Dreams-telearc Records-Soul/Blues -1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-Don’t Play That Song-The Real Deal-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Percy Sledge-Whiter Shade Of Pale-Percy Sledge Live-One Media Publishing-Soul/R&B-1

    Lady Redd-Dance With Me-Single-Lady Redd Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Klass Band-Best Day My Wife-We Call The Shots-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Percy Milem-I Slipped A Little –Goldwax NorthernSoul-Gold Wax Records – Soul/R&B-1

    Ko Ko Taylor-Come To Mama-Queen Of The Blues-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    MarvinSease-Two Wrong Shoes-Show Me what you’ve Got-Mercury Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Stephanie McDee-Walk Like A Boss-Soul Survivor - Miracle Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Densie LaSalle-They Made A Blues Fan Out Of Me-At Her Best-Ecko Records-Soul/Blues-1

    La 26-Keith Frank-Come On Home –Souwood Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Lamar Brace-Left Hand Man-From The Soul-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues/R&B-1

  • Playlist Report-April 16-2021 –The Syndicated Show “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Hours 1 & 2 **

    Little Jake & The Soul Searchers-634-5789-Not A Chance In A Million-Memphis Express Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Little Milton-Born Yesterday-Feel It-Malaco Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-The Real Deal-The Real Deal-Delmark Records-SoBlues-1

    Dorothy Moore-happy With The One I Got Now-happy With The One I Got Now-Farish Street Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Dorothy Moore-Misty Blue-Music Of Mississippi-Malaco Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Jose Ramirez-Here I Come –Here I Come-Jose Ramirez Music-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-hard To Find A Woman-Every Shade Of Blue-Kingsnake & RockHouse Records-Soul/Blues-1

    West Love-Put It On Me-Single-Omar Cunningham Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Parooze-Doing It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down - College Park Music-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Robert Cray Band-Please Stay-Sin &A Shame-Mercury/Polygram Records-SoulBlues-1

    D.A.Foster-Lie to Me-Lie To Me-Vizztone Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Coll Ricky Blues-Roll It-My Blues, My Soul-Recardo Bonds/Betty Lowe Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    Beat Flippa & Lil Jimmie-No Drawl On-Beat Flippa POTY-Music Access In-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Strokin’ A Trucker’s Blues-Funky Forty-Gemel Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hour 2.0- SOTB-April 16-2021-Cassie J. Fox-Syndicated Show Only**

    Z.Z.’s Friends-Down Home Blues-Z.Celebration/Tribute To Z.Z. Hill-Malaco Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-The Seventh Son-Best of Bayou Blues-Vangaurd Records-Blues/Soul -1

    Big Ro Williams-Shothouse Music-Shothouse Music-Big Ro Williams Ent Grp/Music-SoulBlues/T&B-1

    Lacee- I Ran A Good Man Away-Lacees Groove-Advantage Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    Delbert McClinton & Roy Buchanan The Chokin’ Kind-Genuine Houserockin’ Music Vol. 2-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Al Green-Letter-Hi Fidelity-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    100 Proof Aged In Soul-Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed –Single-Hot Wax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Zora Young-Living in the USA-Learned My Lesson-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living InA Burning House-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Tommy Castro & Delbert McClinton-Don’t Turn Your Heater Down- Right As Rain-Blind Pig Records-Blues-1

    Taj Mahal/Keb Mo’ Waiting On The World To Change-Taj Mo-Okeh Records-Blues-1

    Arthur young-Loopty Loop-A Trucker’s Blues-Music Access inc-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Tucka-Booty Roll-Single-hit Nation-Soul/R&B-1

    Uvee Hayes-Maintenance Man-Southern Soul Queens-Aviara/CDS Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Big Yayo /Gentry Jones& Omar Cunningham-Bedroom Rodeo-Single-Mabry Music Group-Soul/R&B-1


  • Playlist Report-April 9-2021-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Rob Hewz-The Thrill IS Gone-Single-Rob Hewz Music-Blues-1

    Sonny Green-Back For A Taste Of Your Love- Found! One Soul Singer-Little Village Foundation Music-Soul/Blues-1

    Cool Rickey Blues-Everybody That Says Goodnight-My Blues My Soul-Recardo Records –SoulBlues-1

    La26 Feat: Keith Frank-Come On Home-Single-La26-CD Baby –Soul/R&B-1

    Betty Wright-Clean Up Woman-The Best Of Betty Wright-Rhino/Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Adrian Bagher-Treat You Right-Shoebox Money Entertainment-Tune Core-Soul/R&B-1

    Kay Kay & The Rays-Love Me Right-The Best Of Kay Kay & The Rays—Catfood Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Solomon Burke-I Got the Blues-Make Do With What You Got-Shout Factory Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Money-where Have all The Soul Men Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Etta James-Don’t Touch Me-Lifes Been Rough On Me-BMG Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby Blackmon-Sleep With One Eye Open-Yeah Baby, Chillin’ With The Blues-Beautiful Bobby Blackmon –Soul/Blues-1

    Dr.D & LJ Echols-Corn Whisky-Corn Whisky –Neckbone Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Snatch Nelson-Another Party Song-Artistry-Fatt Catt Records-Soul/R&B -1

    MeMe Yahsal-Ya Ya Slide –Just Being Me Me-Music Access Inc. – Soul/ R&B-1

    Playlist Report-SOTB-Syndicated-April 9-2021-cassie J. Fox Hours 1 & 2 *

    Buddy Guy-On A Saturday Night-Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-Next To You-Medicine-Telarc Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m Gonna Love You-Sicily Moon-Rock House Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Ro Williams-Shothouse Music-Shot House Music-Big Ro Williams-Soul/Blues-1

    Parooze-Do It Better Than Me-Wipe Me Down-College Park Music-Soul/R&B-1

    West Love-Put It On Me-Single-Omar Cunningham Kylee Tunes-Soul/R&B-1

    Karen Wolfe-You Make Me Feel Like I’m Wanted-A Woman Needs A Strong Man-B&J Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Michelle Sweeney & Kenny Hamilton-Big Party –Wet Kiss Productions –Soul/R&B-1

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Drinin’ Wine Spo dee Odee-12 rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    Chris Cain-Born To Play-Raisin’Cane-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    James & Lucky Peterson-Time To Go To Work-If You Can’t Fix It-JSP Productions-Soul/Blues-1

    O/.B.Buchana-Southern Soul Brothers-Southern Soul Brothers-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young Strokin- Funky Forty,A Trucker’s Blues-Gemel Records/Music Access Inc. Soul/R&B-1

  • Playlist Report-April 2nd 2021-Syndicated –“Soul Of The Blues with Cassie CJ Fox”  Hours 1 & 2 ***

    TuTu Jones-Let Me Do-InSide Out-TuTu Jones Music-SoulBlues-1

    Gregg A.Smith-Jumpin’ At The Juke Joint-The Real Deal-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Tommy Castro & The Pain Killers-Keep On Smilin’-The Devil You Know-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Delbert McClinton-I Don’t Want To Hear It –Plain From The Heart-Capitol/Curb  Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marvin Gaye- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby –The Very Best Of Marvin Gaye-Motown Records/MCA –Soul/R&B-1

    Major Lance-The Monkey Time –Single-Okeh Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Sweet Angel-Jukin AT The Hole In The Wall-Mr.Wrong Gonna Get This Love Tonight-Sweet Angel Records/Angel Dobbins –SoulBlues-1

    Selwyn Birchwood-She’s A Dime-Living In A Burnin’ House-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Sherman Robertson-Special  Kind Of Loving –Going Back Home-Sledgehammer Blues-Blues-1

    Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire-Ain’t No Sunshine- The Real Deal-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Ghetto Cowboy & Tucka-Can I Take You Home-Beat Flippa POTY-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    FatDaddy-Mr.Bartender- Gonna Love You Right-Advantage Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    C Wright-Slide In –Choose Me-Total Impaq Music,INC – Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0-Syndicated Weekly  Show- SOTB-April 2-2021- Cassie CJ Fox *

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Night time In The Right Time-12 Rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    Jose Ramirez-The Way You Make Me Feel-Here I Come-Joe Ramirez Music-Blues-1

    Robert Cray-24-7 Man-Take Your Shoes Off-RykoDisc-Soul/Blues-1

    Vaneese Thomas-Love Makes a Woman-Soul Sisters Vol. 1 Tribute to Soul Sisters-Segue Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-I Believe In You-Chronicle, 20 Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Latimore-Something About Cha – The Best Of Latimore-Henry Stone Music –Soul/R&B-1

    Mavis Staples-Were Gonna Make it-Live In London-Anti Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m A Real Blues Man-Back In Love-Rock Hsoue Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Etta James-Baby What You Want Me To Do-Right Time With Etta James-Big A Media Records – Blues-1

    James Peterson-Children Gotta Eat-Don’t Let The Devil Ride-Waldoxy/Mal;aco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Stephanie McDee-You’ve Been Cheating On Me-My SidePiece Original Motion Picture-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B -1

    Jody Sticker-I Made It Better For You-  Jody Sticker Music 2021-Soul/R&B-1

    Special Formula Band & Jeff Floyd-Saturday Night-Tri Gen Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1


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