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    Playlist Report-August 5-2022-Syndicated Show Only* “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Robert Cray Band-Right Next Door(Because Of Me)-Strong Persuader-Mercury Records-SoulBlues-1

    Little Buster & The Soul Brothers-What Ever It Takes-Right On Time-Bullseye Blues-Soul Blues-1

    Tab Benoit-Next To Me-Medicine-Concord Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ace Moreland-I’m A Damn Good Time-Kingsnake Records-SoulBlues-1

    Paul Lil Buck Singel-If You Want Me To Leave-The Buck Stops Here-NYNO Records-Blues-1

    Toni Green-Don’t do Me (If You Can’t Do Me Right)-Mixed Emotions Soul Trax Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sonny Green-Coming Back For a Tatse of Your Love-Found! One Soul Singer-Little Village Foundation Records-SoulBlues-1

    Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland & Albert Collins-She’s In To Something-Showdown!-Alligator Records-Blues -1

    Deitra Farr-How Much Longer-The Search Is Over-JSCP Preodctions-SoulBlues-1

    Buddy Guy & James Bay-Blues No More-The Blues IS Alive & Well-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Nellie Tiger Travis & Black Zack-I Came to Party-I Came To Party-Nellie Travis Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Nelson Curry- Drinks’ On Me-NeoBlues Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Val Mcknight-I’m In Love Wiith My Husband and My Sidepiece-Ain’t Nothing Like A Good Country Boy-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Loopty Loop-A Trucker’s Blues-Summit Boy Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Little Milton-Too Much Heaven-Front To Back-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Cool Ricky Blues-I Just Want To Know-A Fresh Bowl Of Soul-Betty Lowe Records-SoulBlues-1

    Ernie Johnson -A Good Thang Man-I’m The Man You Need-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Trudy Lynn-When Something IS Wrong/Ive Been Loving you Too Long-1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Derrick Procell-A Tall Glass Of You-Hello Mojo-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m In Love-Burnin’ Love-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Benny Turner-Voodoo Lady-Journey-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Benny Latimore-My Give A Damn-Back At Cha-Henry Stone Music-SoulBlues-1

    Razzy Bailey & Ritchie Havens-I Hate Hate-MGM/Toucabaca Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Robert Cray-Gotta Change The Rules-Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark-Mercury /Polygram Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lomax-Let Me Work It-Life Lessons-KAL Sounds-Soul/R&B-1

    TK Soul & O.B. Buchana-Girl You Got it Going On- Single-Soulful Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Val Mcknight-Lets Party-Ain’t Nothing Like A Good Country Boy-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1



    Playlist Report-July 22-2022-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” Syndicated Show Only* Two Hours**

    Linsey Alexander-Call My Wife-Come Back Baby-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Uncle Fallay (Chris Andrus) -Juke Joint Money- Creole Poet Records-SoulBlues-1

    Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows- The Sweet Sound Of Rhythm & Blues- Genuine House Rocking Music-Vol.II-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings-Help Wanted-Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings-Blind Pig Recoreds-SoulBlues-1

    Grana Louise-Stagger Lee-Getting’ Kinda Rough!-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Earl Gaines-Cheat On Schedule-Nothin’ But The Blues-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bobby Blue Bland-I Hate You-Greatest Hits Vol. II-ABC/Dunhill Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Adams- Hell Yes I Cheated –The Many Sides Of Johnny Adams-Hep-Me Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Rockin’ Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters-Fire-Zydeco Dance Party-Mardi Gras Records-SoulBlues/Zydeco-1

    Buddy Guy –On A  Saturday Night-Bring em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Val McKnight-Let’s Party-Ain’t Nothing Like a Good Country Boy-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Ann Devae-Mr. Strong Back-Interstreet Recordings/2420528Records DK-Soul/R&B-1

    Wilson Meadows-I’m Curious-I’m Curious-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Rawls-Where Have All The Soulmen Gone-Where Have all The SoulMen Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-SoulBlues-1

    A.C.Reed-Youre Gonna Miss Me Junk Food-Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1

    Melvin Smokehouse Moore- I Ain’t The One-Mississippi Burnin’ Blues-Mardi Gras Records-SoulBlues-1

    Marvin Sease-Show Me What You Got-Show Me What You Got-#Mercury/Polygram Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Linsey Alexander-Big Woman-Been There Done That-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Otis Redding-The Happy Song (Dum Dum)-The Immortal Otis Redding-Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m Never Gonna Stop-Strange Love-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Betty Padgett-I’m For Real-The Real Deal-Brimstone Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Daddy Wilson, Vanessa Collier, Si Cransford-Bring It On Home-Carvan Of Blues2017-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Narvel Echolls-Rippin’ and Runnin’-Jukin (Country Folks Party)-Dirty Delta Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Big Yayo-Annie Mae’s Café-Single-Chris Mabry Music2022-Soul/R&B-1

    Val Mcknight-Ain’t Nothing Like A Good Country Boy-Ain’t Nothing Like A Good Country Boy-Ecko Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Cadillac Man-The Strokin Kind-Strokin Kind-17693532 Records DK

    Willie Clayton- You Got What I Want-You Got What I Want-EndZone Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1   





    Playlist Report-July 16-2022-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” *Syndicated Show Only*

    Earl Gaines- I Put A Spell On You-Everything Is Gonna Be Allright-Black Top Records-SoulBlues-1

    Denise LaSalle-They Made A Blues Fan Out Of Me-At Her Best-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Linsey Alexander-Goin’ Out Walking-Come Back Baby-Delmark Records-Blues-1

    Frankie Lee-Think What Its Doing To Me-Standing At The Crossroads-Blues Express Inc.-SoulBlues-1

    Millie Jackson-Ask Me What You Want-Millie Jackson-Spring Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Otis Clay-Too Much Mystery-I Can’t Take It-Hi Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-I’m Guilty As Charged –Too Late to Do Right-Malaco Recprds-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Sometimes-My Turn To Win-JSP Productions-SoulBlues-1

    Cool Ricky Blues-Everybody That Says GoodNight-My Blues, My Soul-Betty Lowe Records-SoulBlues-1

    Diedra-If I Didn’t Love You-Transformation Of Me-Ruff Pro Records/Jump Right In –Soul/R&B-1

    John Cummings-Southern Soul Blues Fest-Blues Mix #14-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jaye Hammer-Making That Booty Roll-Hammer-Ecko Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    TK Soul & O. B. Buchana-Girl You Got It Going On-TK Soul Music Publishing-Soul/R&B-1

    Ronnie Bell-Loves Ingredients Feat: (Tedy P)(Frosts Song) –Single-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Mavis Staples-Were Gonna Make It-Live In London-Anti/Epitaph Records—Soul/R&B-1

    Steve Perry-Live My Life Again-Single-Bluesland Entertainment-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Curtis Salgado-Love Comfort Zone-Soul Shots-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    D.Saunders-I’m Shook –Shook-D.Saunders Music-Soul/R&B-1

    William Bell & Judy Clay-Private Number-Stax Greatest 1958-68-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Adams-You Don’t Miss Your Water-Man Of  My Word- Rounder /Concord Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m Gonna Love You-Sicily Moon-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Linsey Alexander-Been There Done That-Been There Done That –Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1

    CoCo Montoya-Give It To A Good Man-The Essential CoCo Montoya-Blind Pig Records –SoulBlues-1

    Denise LaSalle-Hell Sent Me You-Pay Before You Pump-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    TK Soul & OB Buchana-Girl You Got It Going On-TK Soul Mixtape-Soulful Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Bigg Robb & Denise LaSalle-Blues & Barbeque-Got My Whiskey-Over 25 Music/Jenner Music Group-Soul/R&B-1

    Lysa & Tyree Neal-Listen To What Your Mouth Say-queen With A Woman’s Touch-MoHitz Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Windex Man-A Trucker’s Blues-Funky Forty-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1




    10628828859?profile=RESIZE_930xPlaylist Report-July 8-2022- “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox” * Syndicated*

    TuTu Jones-I’ll Play The Blues For You- Texas Soul & Blues-New Rounder Records-SoBlues-1

    Little Milton-Born Yesterday-Feel it-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Keb’ Mo-Grandma’s Hands-Big Wide Grin-Sony Wonder Records-Blues-1

    Bill Withers-Who Is He(What Is He To You)-Still Bill-Sussex Records-SoulBlues-1

    Millie Jackson-It Hurts So Good –Its Hurts So Good- Media Sound/Muscle Shoals Sound Studio-Soul/R&B-1

    Artie Blues Boy White-Your Man Is home Tonight-Home Tonight-Waldoxy/Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Albert Collins-Blue Monday Hangover-Frostbite-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Real Lovin’-24 Hour Woman-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Keb’ Mo & Taj Mahal-Squeeze Box-Taj Mo-Concord Records-Blues-1

    Mr.Stuff-Liquor House Liquor House-Stuff Music 1969-Soul/R&B-1

    Dr. D-Corn Whisky-Single-LJ Echols 2021 Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Falisa Janaye-U Won’t Miss Your Water –Single-2010 MilaJa Records-Soul/R&B-1

    --------------------------- Hour #2-SOTB-Cassie J. Fox-July 8-2022 ------------------------

    Vernon Garrett-Lonely Lonely Nights-Caught InA CrossFire-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Wee Willie Walker & Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra-What Is It Were Not Talking  About-Not In My Lifetime-Blue Dot Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lacee-I Ran A Good Man Away-Lacee’s Groove-Advantage Recordings-Soul/R&B-1

    Buddy Guy & Tracy Chapman-Ain’t No Sunshine-Bring Em’ In-Silvertone Records-Blues-1

    Bill Withers-Use Me Up-Still Bill-Sussex Records-Soul-1

    Syl Johnson-Different Strokes-Dresses Too Short-Twinight Records-Suol/Funk-1

    Denise LaSalle-Make Me Your Medley-Blues From The Montreux Blues Festival-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roy Roberts-Have You Seen My Baby?-Nothin’ But The Blues-Rock House Records-Blues-1

    Diedra-If I Didn’t Love You-Transformation Of Me-/Paisley Guitar Publishing/Ruff Records-SoulBlues-1

    CoCo Montoya-Something About You-Can’t Look Back-Alligator Records-Blues-1  

    T.K. Soul & O.B.Buchana – Girl, You Got it Going On-Soulful Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Arthur Young-Too Damn Good-Drank My Liquor & Talk To Me –Summit Boy Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Stephanie Pickett-Only Time- A Womans’s Soul-Aviara/CDS Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Bigg Robb & Theodis Ealey-Catfish & BBQ-Fantasy-Over 25 Music/Jenner Music Group– Soul/R&B-1


    Playlist Report-July 1-2022 - “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie J.Fox “Syndicated Show Only**

    Benny Turner- I Can’t Leave-When She’s Gone-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Betty Padgett- Perfect Man-The Real Deal-Brimstone Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Willie Clayton-You Got What I Want-Single- EndZone Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1  

    Eddie Floyd-I Never Found A Girl-Stax Gold 1968-74 – Soul/R&B-1

    Fontella Bass-Rescue Me-The New Look-Checker Records-Soul/R&B-1

    O.B. Buchana & Sir Charles Jones- Can’t Get You Off My Mind-Ecko Records-SoulBlues-1

    Theodis Ealey-If You Leave Me(I’m Going Wit Cha)-I’m The Man You - Ifgam Records-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Jonny Lang-Matchbox-Lie To Me-A&M Records-Blues-1

    Syl Johnson With The Hi Rhythm Section -Take Me To The River-Back In The Game -Delmark Records- Soul/R&B-1

    Slam Allen Band-Can’t Break Away From That-Feel These Blues-American Showplace Music-Blues-1

    Reich Wright-Bout My Business-

    Narvell Echolls-Rippin’ & Runnin’-Return Of The Country(Country Folks Party)-Dirty Delta Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Nathaniel Kimble-She’s A Bad Mama Jama-Ricky White Presents: Combination 2-CDS Records-Soul/R&B -1


    Pokey Bear Feat: JWonn-After Party-Single-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B

    Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls-What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted-SoulBrothers-Cat Food Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jimmy Hall-Here I Am-Build Your Own Fire-Zo Ho Music-Soul/Blues/Funk-1

    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings-How Long Do I Have to Wait For You-Naturally-Dap Tone Records-Soul/Funk-1

    Jim Bennett-Right Man, Wrong Doctor-Southern Soul Smashes # 7-CDS Records-SoulBlues-1

    Eddie Floyd-Stealing Love-Soul  Street-Fantasy Records/Universal Music Group-Soul/R&B-1

    Ollie & The Nightengales-I Got A Sure Thing-Stax Gold Records-1968-74-Soul/R&B-1

    Ollie & The Nightengales-She’s In A midnight Mood-I’ll Drink Your Bathwater Baby-Ecko Records-

    Trudy Lyn-Wang Dang Doodle-1st Lady Of Soul-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Larry Tay,lor & The Blues & Soul Band-Knocking On Your Door-They Were In This House-wolf Records-Blues-1

    Latimore-What I’d Say-Latimore Remembers Ray Charles-Henry Stone Music/Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Jureesa The Duchess McBride-Southern Soul Swag-I’m A Woman(Tales Of The Duchess) –J.S.S. Records-Soul/R&B -1  

    Jesi Terrell-Knock it Out Of The Box-Single-Sound Mindz Records-Soul/Blues/R&B-1

    1. Red The Nephew-Liquor House Vibin’-Nephew Swing-Soul Mop Productions-Soul/R&B-1



  • 10578281266?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Playlist Report-June 17-2022-Syndicated Show-“Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Tommy Castro & The Pain Killers- Ninety Nine & ½ - Hard Beliver-Alligator Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnny Rawls-Money-Where Have All The SoulMen Gone-Third Street Cigar Records-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Its Been So Long –Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Big Ro Williams-Shot House- Music-Big Ro Entertainment Williams Music-SoulBlues-1

    BooZoo Chavis Keep Your Dress Tail Down-Zydeco Homebrew-Maison de Soul Records –Zydeco/Soul -1

    Inez Foxx-you’ve Hurt Me For The Last Time-Inez Foox At Memphis-Volt Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnnie Taylor-I Believe In You-Chronicles: 20 Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Wilson Meadows-I’m Curious-Single-Music Access Inc.-Soul/R&B-1

    Kay Kay & The Rays-Love Me Baby-The Best Of Kay Kay & The Rays-Catfood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Lou Pride-Don’t Blame The Man-Words Of Caution-Severn Records-SoulBlues-1

    Keb’ Mo-She Just Wants To Dance-Keb’ Mo’-Okeh/Epic Records-Blues-1

    Roy Roberts-Have You Seen My Baby –Nothin’ But The Blues-Rock House Records-Blues-1  

    Theodis Ealey-Brown Liquor-Single-Ifgam Records/Lab Life Entertainment - Blues-1

    Jesi Terrell-Knock It Out Of The Box-Single/Vandette Music/Sound Mindz Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Snatch Nelson-Another Party Song-Artistry-Snatch Nelson/CD Baby-Soul/R&B-1

    Hour 2.0-SOTB-June 17-2022-Cassie J. Fox

    Delbert McClinton-Stagger Lee-Outdated Emotion-Thirty Tigers/Hot Shot Records-Blues/Roots/Americana-1

    Benny Turner-I Can’t Leave-When She’s Gone-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Trudy Lynn-Life Goes On-Golden Girl-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Clarence GateMouth Brown-What Am I Living For-Standing My Ground-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Drink Small-Thank You Pretty abby-Round Two-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Bobby Blue Bland-Hurtin’ Time Again-Years Of Tears-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Candy Staton-Another Man’s Woman Another Woman’s Man-The Complete Fame Records Masters-FAME Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Otis Redding-The Happy Song Dum Dum Dum-The Very Best Of Otis Redding Greatest Hits-Rhino/Atlantic Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Ghetto Cowboy-Just A Little Bit- Just A Little Bit-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Diedra-If I Didn’t Love You-Transformation Of Me-2012 Paisley Gutair Publishing-Soul/R&B-1

    Gregg A.Smith-The Dark Side Of Love –The Real Deal-Music Access Inc-SoulBlues-1

    Charles Wilson-Baby SitterSingle-Charles Wilson Music-SoulBlues/R&B-1

    Lenny Williams-Southern Girl-Fine-Bridle Ridge Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Special Formula Band Feat: Jeff Floyd-Saturday Night-TriGen Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1




    Playlist Report-June 10-2022-Syndicated Show Only* “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Lou Pride-Twisting The Knife-Twisting The Knife-Ichiban/Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Maurice Wynn-What She Don’t Know-Better Safe Than Sorry-Suzie Q Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vernon Garrett-Those Lonely Lonely Nights-Caught In A Crossfire-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Diedra-If I Didn’t Love You-Transformation Of Me-Ruff Pro Records-SoulBlues-1

    Betty Wright-Secretary –Danger High Voltage –Warner MusicGroup/X5 Music Group-Soul/R&B-1

    Ernie Johnson-Lovin’ You-Lovin’ You-Ride Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Etta James-One Night-Seven Year Itch-Island Records-Soul/Blues-1

    Keb’ Mo’-More than One Way Home-Just Like you/Suitcase-Okeh/Legacy Recordings-SoulBlues-1

    Jose Ramirez-The Way You Make Me Feel-Here I Come-Jose Ramirez Music-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Its Been So Long-Straight From The Heart-Ruff Records-SoulBlues/Zydeco-1

    Narvel Echols-Jukin’ (Country Folks Party) Return Of The Country Boy-Dirty Delta Entertainment-SoulBlues-1

    Arthur Young-Too Damn Good-Drank My Liquor & Talk To Me –Summit Boy Entertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Klass Band Brotherhood-Honey Hole-Out Of The Shadows Of Soul -Neo Blues Music/Music Access In-Soul/R&B-1

    Theodis Ealey-Blues Is Calling My Name-Blues Is Calling My Name-Jus Blues Records-SoulBlues-1

    Syl Johnson-Keeping Down Confusion-Diamond In The Rough-Hi Records-SoulBlues-1

    Sharon Lewis -& Texas Fire-Soul Shine-Grown Ass Woman-Delmark Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vaneese Thomas-Raise The Alarm-Fight The Good Fight-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Curtis Mayfield-The Impressions-Talkin’ Bout’ My Baby-Keep On Pushin’

    -ABC Records-Soul/R&B-

    Little Johnny & R Ted Taylor-Cry It Out Baby-The Super Taylors-Soul/R&B-1

    Adam Schultz-Who Told You-Soulful Distancing-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Nappy Brown & Kip Anderson-Rocket 88-12 Rockin Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues/Jump Blues-1

    Walter Wolfman Washington-Can I Change My Mind-Triple Threat-New Rounder Records-Soul/Jazz-1

    Toni  Green-If You Can’t Do Me Right-Mixed Emotions-Soul Trax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’ve Got A Gypsy Woman-Nothion’ But Then Blues-Rock House Records-Blues-1

    Cadillac Man-Strokin’ Kind-Single-Cadillac Man Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Mel Waiters-Its No Yours-Got No Curfew-Brittney Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Redd Velvet-You Got To Leave-Womanhood 101-Redd Velvet Music-Soul/R&B-1




    Playlist Report-June 3-7-2022-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    D.A. Foster-The Real Thing-The Real Thing-Vizztone Records-SoulBlues-1

    Gatemouth Brown-Same Ol’ Blues-Back To Bogalusa-Blue Thumb Records-Blues/Jazz-1

    Van Morrison-What Am I Living For –Pay The Devil –Legacy Records-Country Soul-1

    Cool Ricky Blues-Just Want To Know-A Fresh Bowl Of Soul- CD Baby-Soul R&B-1

    Larry Taylor & The Blues & Soul Band-Knocking At Your Door-They Were In The House-Wolfe Records-Blues-1

    Nappy Brown, Kip Anderson-Drinkin’ Wine SpoDee Odee-12 Rockin’ Blues Classics-Ripete Records-Blues-1

    The Memphis All Stars–Ain’t Nothin’ Better Than Loving My Baby- Blues Train-Loco Bop Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Rawls & Luckett-I Don’t Do Windows-I Can’t Sleep At Night-Bulls Eye Blues-Soul Blues-1

    Nellie Tiger Travis & Black Zack-I Came To Party-CD Baby Nellie R. Travis 2022 –Soul/R&B-1

    Marvin Sease-Live My Life Again - Live With The Candy Licker- Malaco Records-Soul/Blues-1

    David Brinston – Troublemakers – Lovemaker - Jomar Records/Knock On Wood Records-SoulBlues-1

    Roi Anthony & Lysa-I’ll Be Damn-Capricorn 2 –MoHitzEntertainment-Soul/R&B-1

    Z.Z.Hill- Put A Little Love In Your Heart-Brand New ZZ (OutTakes) 2015 Essential Media Group LLC- Soul/R&B-1

    Roy Roberts-I’m In Love-Burnin’ Love-Rock House Records-SoulBlues-1

    Little Milton-I Keep Falling For You-Strugglin’Lady-Malaco Records-SoulBlues-1

    Vaneese Thomas-Raise The Alarm-Fight The Good Fight-Nola Blue Records-SoulBlues-1

    Kenny Neal-Somewhere Somehow-Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Johnnie Taylor-Standing In For Jody –Chronicles: 20 Greatest Hits-Stax Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Luther Ingram-Trying To Find My Love-Do You Love Somebody-KoKo Records-Soul/R&B-1

    D.Saunders-I’m Shook-Single-D.Saunders Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Crystal Thomas-Let Him Go –Drank Of My Love-Crystal Thomas Music/CD Baby-SoulBlues-1

    Adrena-Don’t Mess With My Man- Don’t Mess With My Man-Adrienne Ervin Music-SoulBlues-1

    Ghetto Cowboy & LJ Echols-Sneak Up On It-Southern Soul Legend-Music Access Inc-Soul/R&B-1

    Betty Padgett-Older Man Young Man-The Real Deal-CD Baby/Brimstone Entertainement-Soul/R&B-1

    Gregg A. Smith-Dance With G-Man-Single-Music Access Inc.-Soul/R&B-1





    Playlist Report –May 20-2022-Syndicated “Soul Of The Blues With Cassie CJ Fox”

    Larry Griffith Band- Blues Is Calling My Name-Hard As it Gets-Larry Griffith Music-Blues-1

    Kenny Neal-I’ll Play The Blues For You-Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Patrick Henry-How Lucky Can I Be-Louisiana Rhythm & Blues-Mardi Gras Records-SoulBlues-1

    Crystal Thomas-Its Too Late-Drank Of My Love-Crystal Thomas Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Bobby Blue Bland-I Hate You-Greatest Hits Vol. II - ABC/Dunhill Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Johnny Adams-After All The Good Is Gone-The Greatest Performance-UniDisc Music Inc.-Soul/R&B-1

    Etta James-Don’t Touch Me-Life’s Been Rough On Me-Private Music-Soul/Country Soul-1

    Trudy Lynn-Real Lovin’ – Twenty Four Hour Woman-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1


    Theodis Ealey-Brown Liquor-Single-IFGAM Records-Blues-1

    Sir Jonathan Burton-Too Much Booty Shakin’ Going On (ReMix 2022) –CDS Aviara Records – Soul/R&B-1

    Stephanie Pickett-The Only Time I Get Lonely – A Woman’s Soul-CDS Aviara Records-Soul/R&B-1

    Pokey Bear-Steal My Joy-Crown Me-Music Access Inc.-Soul/R&B-1

    Cupid & Shirley Murdock-Two Step On My Haters-Capricorn 2- Tune Core/TOCMusic/Cupid Music-Soul/R&B-1 

    Ghetto Cowboy-Going Back To The Country-Single-Music Access Inc. –SoulBlues-1

    B.B. King & Tracy Chapman-The Thrill Is Gone-Deuces Are Wild-MCA/Geffen Records-Blues-1

    Professor Longhair-Its My Fault-Crawfish Fiesta-Alligator Records-Blues-1

    Kenny Neal- & Rockin’ Dopsie Jr-Louise Ana-Straight From The Heart-Ruf Records-SoulBlues-1

    Keb Mo’ Taj Mahal-Squeeze Box-Keb Mo’- Concord Music Group-Blues/Roots-1

    William Bell-Poison In The Well-This IS Where I Live-Concord Stax Records-Soul/Roots/Americana-1

    Roy Roberts-Just One More Blues Song-Nothin’ But The Blues-Rock House Records-Blues-1

    Francine Reed-What IS That Light-I Want You To Love Me-Ichiban Records-SoulBlues-1

    Jimmy Hall-Here I AM-Build Your Own Fire-ZoHo Music-Soul/R&B-1

    Redd Velvet-You Got To Leave-Single-Redd Velvet Music-Soul/R&B/Blues-1

    Lomax-Let Me Work It-Life’s Lessons-KAL Sounds-Soul/R&B-1

    1. Red-Liquor House Vibing-Nephew Swing-Soul MOP Productions-Soul/R&B-1




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