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  • www.sidneipiedade.prosaeverso.netOla, se possivel gostaria de ser seu amigo
    sidnei piedade
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  • I'm a musician songwriter,Producer.I've created a new music style I call Nu GrooveI've just finished my first 3 releases and they are available on this page for download.

    I have a song "Unity" ..I'd like to use this song for a charitable purpose.I've been approached with the idea to use it to feed the children.which is a cause I can relate to..I need help to finish and launch the song,and I feel it could generate a lot of money for charity.while putting the idea of
    Unity for all peoples out there...this maybe something we can work on together.if you have interest in any way ,feel free to contact me..meantime listen to the songs and download one,it'll help me to move the project forward..

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atlanta, ga


July 18