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Divinely She's Mine

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in lust I besiege her...


laying her upon sweet
scented sheets;
enervatedly disrobing,

every piece of clothing
hiding her from view.

ahhh! sweet nakedness...

her eyes seductively undress me,
before settling back in our boudoir;
my delicious dessert tonight.

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Ride Me

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I see you laying there feigning sleep as I walk by from the shower

manhood gleaming wet...
I know you're wet too; salivating to jump my bone

but, you call yourself neglecting me; only torturing yourself
I know you smell my scent, nostrils flaring with w

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Passion's Surrender

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passionate kisses
sipping sweetness from his lips
fervency of excitement.

fingertip caresses...

breathless glances
burning with arousal,
eyes embrace head to toe.

as hands roam...

bodies respond
heated breath travels,
lips slowly brushing nakedness.


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