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    We wanted you to hear our new single, So Tired. If you haven't received it, please, let us know 3346542204.
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  • I'd like to send you some of my music, may i have your email?

  • Hello King Smoke how are u :)
  • Can A Brother Get some Love you need a copy of my cd the single right now is SUGAR
  • Can a brother get his record charted bro its called SUGAR thank and peace T J Hooker Taylor
  • We just stopped to say hello!

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  • from hot records robert henderson jr i would like to no do you have the new willie b
    single shake rattle an roll ? would you email me your adress an email adress,ok.
    i will put you on my mailing list. my email po box 8055
    montgomery,al 36110 cell 334-201-6049 today 5/8/10. thanks
  • Hey King Smoke I sent you my new single through the Email. Did you get it?
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Greenwood, SC


October 1