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  • Greetings from Burnin' Dr. Feelgood and Mr. Magic

    Burnin' Dr. Feelgood
    Burnin' Dr. Feelgood, Cincinnati. 266 likes. Dr. Feelgood and the Posse are available for events large or small. We'll play to 2000 or in a phone boo…
  • hey larry,

    james morgan aka thin man here jock at kffa radio in helena,ar. got a c d titled "JUST JAMES"  tryin to get all southern soul jocks jump on a song from the cd titled "GONE FOR GOOD" some jocks are getting some calls about the song. hope u can help me out.

    oh by the way if u know artists tryin to get air play have them to send me hard copy to thin man KFFA RADIO P O BOX 2492 W. HELENA.AR.72390.


    "THIN MAN"

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  • Thank you Larry for playing Angel Sent's CD - Stickyboy Records
  • Hi Larry! As soon as you can call me at 313-442-2234.
  • Hi Larry! Thanks very much.

  • Mr.Jones many moons ago,I submitted a cd to you for airing in your market by Jimmy Taylor;as of today,I wish to place in your hand a RIGHTEOUS cd of music featuring a collection of some great Artists.....singing for real.A reply to this will be acceptable and get you the music,quickly.
  • My email address is
  • Larry Jones what's up man this is Andre' Lee, and I got a Hot New Single entitled "The man in the Drawer" and I want to send you a copy. So if you would, email me so I can mp3 it to you. Thanks Dre' my # is 601-454-3510
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Kansas City, MO


August 2