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  • hey Sugar it rained on that day didn't it ???/ but that REAL BROWN SUGAR didn't melt....and man-o-man didn't that lil powerful voice ring oouutt? not only did it.... but it's still ringing C.C.MILES earhole...U just did tha dame thang didn't ya!!!! you'll always be remembered as the lil Lady With The Powerful Voice...God Will Keep You Strong...Regardless Of What PEOPLE FEEL AND SAY!!!!!!! GOOD or BAD.....JR
  • Sorry What was it I am suppose to do LOL
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  • Hello therealbrownsuga you are welcome to come to Pantheress page and jam
    If you would liek an mp of any that you like feel free to send me an email and I will be glad to send you a song or 2
    Have a good day
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Columbus Mississippi


May 17