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  • Hello my brothe! What's going on with you?
  • what up my lablemate? How is life treating you my brother. Hope to see you one day and share the stage with you.emal me and i'll give you my phone # so we can stay in touch,
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  • Hello Jody, did you get the info to send me your new cd? Hit me back up. Thanks Miss Texas Mami
  • bT*xJmx*PTEyNTc1MDgyOTQwODImcHQ9MTI1NzUwODQwODU4MCZwPTM*MjAxJmQ9YnV*dGVyZnVuayZnPTEmbz*1ZGFlYjE5OTBmNjg*ZjliOThiZTI5Yjg4Y2RmZjc1YQ==.gifgood_morning_purple.gif
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  • Cool, what ever happen to the vampire movie u were working on?
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Montgomery, AL


May 31