All poets/poetess pls add all poems as a discussion for members/invitees to critique your artistry, no verbal abuse, derogatory remarks, no poet/poetess bashing; u will b terminated from the group if, any of above actions are enacted upon our artist

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  • thx reggaeone.....the 4th poem My Sweet Young Thang(revised) is the sequel to Sweet Young Thang.......truly appreciate your words of pure long as I have readers/fans like you my creativity will always flow peace & harmony
  • Greetings Poetress Debra
    always enhanced by your words of art
    spoken so vividly
    I started at the top and got Twisted
    followed the curves to The Love Of Him
    had to take a smoke afterwards
    then i wuz up at full attention for...
    Sweet Young Thang
    very good reading
    keep the creative juices flowing
  • thx reggaeone: glad u were able to log in and hear the felt good......i really enjoyed peace & harmony
  • Hello Debra,
    listening to you recite Can't Stop Loving You. very got it going on.
    good show today
  • Hi Debra, i was speaking of all the poems posted for discussion. looking forward to more. Any Poetry Slams coming up?
  • first and foremost i thx u 4 tak'n the time to peruse my poems, but, may i ask to what poem are you referring to...or are you speaking for all the poems posted for discussion.....again, peace & harmony
  • i'm a longtime fan of Spoken Word. one of my favorite artist is Talaam Acey. Saw Talaam Acey on the Lyric Cafe recently where he
    was so smooth and his cadence is always right on point.
  • i'm not really a writer however I appreciate the artform of poetry.
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Divinely She's Mine

 in lust I besiege her... laying her upon sweetscented sheets;enervatedly disrobing,every piece of clothinghiding her from view. ahhh! sweet nakedness...her eyes seductively undress me,before settling back in our boudoir;my delicious dessert tonight. flirtatiously leaning into her,tasting of her;delectable upon tip of tongue.irresistibly tongue slides againstsupple breast; nipping taut nips. nibbling my way down...silky sweet naked curvaceousness,droolingly enthralled;kissing length of…

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Ride Me

 I see you laying there feigning sleep as I walk by from the showermanhood gleaming wet...I know you're wet too; salivating to jump my bonebut, you call yourself neglecting me; only torturing yourselfI know you smell my scent, nostrils flaring with want....manhood starting to bob and weave,you still eyeing me; I saw you lick your lips...touching myself standing in front of the mirror;you know you want me, get up! come over here!taste your delicacy of, you know I was only playing cat…

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Passion's Surrender

 passionate kissessipping sweetness from his lipsfervency of excitement.fingertip caresses...breathless glancesburning with arousal,eyes embrace head to hands roam...bodies respond heated breath travels,lips slowly brushing nakedness.tenderly kissing nips...tip to moundmound to tip...lickedbody languidly dips...tongue travels length of mecherishing every inch,slipping between petals.sipping greedily...touching him gingerlyreadily hard for me,teasingly taunting.pulsating…

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Deep Within

by Debra A Baugh on November 19. © Debra A Baugh, All rights reserved lover places his love for me deep within himselfkisses me with an array of soft kisses everywhereof my being; deep within is the smoldering fires ofour desire; capturing the essence of our passionDeep within his love calls me; taking me with himto the edge of ecstasies cascading emotional pleasuresthru out my body; feelings no other can uncover, deepwithin only he discovers my passions…

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