Divinely She's Mine

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in lust I besiege her...


laying her upon sweet
scented sheets;
enervatedly disrobing,

every piece of clothing
hiding her from view.

ahhh! sweet nakedness...

her eyes seductively undress me,
before settling back in our boudoir;
my delicious dessert tonight.

flirtatiously leaning into her,
tasting of her;
delectable upon tip of tongue.

irresistibly tongue slides against
supple breast; nipping taut nips.

nibbling my way down...

silky sweet naked curvaceousness,
droolingly enthralled;
kissing length of spine.

its aftertaste lingers...

as I trail fingertips
along quivering thighs
you're so divine, all mine,
commiting to memory.


the feel, hands roaming
sculpted landscapes of
supple lusciousness;
tongues exploration
between labials hidden

its sweetness taut teasing taunting...

nibbling slowly
tremors cascade
awakening every
cilium upon wet
drenched limbs.

luxirating in lubricious
caverns of pleasurable pain;

hands curled entwined
pulling and caressingly
threading fingers through
her hair, with each trembling
thrust...ahhh! baby, give it to me

ummm! yes, my sweet
gripping sliding gliding
in and out latching on
tight to firmness
tantalizing slowly
each pretended
withdrawal teasing
its tip easing to
estuary of womanly
wetness, sucking me
back in delving deeper
thrust after thrust
moan upon moan of


damn! so, sweet and mine...

savoring creaminess of us,
tasting each drop
from her lips to mine;
devouring inner thigh,
desirous moans escape
from our lips.

gazing down upon her loveliness...

my sweet, my kitten
purring deliciously,
still licking lips
drawing me back into
her; so, desperate to
appreciate her cloying delicacy.

her eyes burn
with deeper want,
to feel my girth
swell within.

lips parted, in pouted beggary
calling me.

I ebb and flow upon her body...

coasting, swimming my way
along her slender silken skin.

kissing nape of neck...

I shuddered, passionately
in her sea of wetness.

because, divinely she is mine...

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  • Divinely She's Mine says it is our destiny. Skillfully and passionately i let my tongue, lips, eyes, hands, arms claim
    that which is divinely mine. we share all that I have saved exclusively for you because you are my destiny.
    the nipples drive me wild. the creammniness of your wetness fills my mouth as i thrust firmly and deeply in the sea
    of your inner wealth.
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