Passion's Surrender

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passionate kisses
sipping sweetness from his lips
fervency of excitement.

fingertip caresses...

breathless glances
burning with arousal,
eyes embrace head to toe.

as hands roam...

bodies respond
heated breath travels,
lips slowly brushing nakedness.

tenderly kissing nips...

tip to mound
mound to tip...licked

body languidly dips...

tongue travels length of me
cherishing every inch,
slipping between petals.

sipping greedily...

touching him gingerly
readily hard for me,
teasingly taunting.

pulsating deliciously...

beggary to enter
chasm's heat; baiting him
tasting shaft's veins to tip.

driving him wild...

slide sip, lips grip tip
in wetness devouring,
mouth open wide breathing.

over one pearl at a time...

trembling, anticipation overwhelms
sense of time; blowing his mind
both bodies grind in sync.

uttering baby, its time! you're mine...

hunger intensifies, ready to thrust
sweetness! its no rush, hush baby;
I got this, relax...

fingering wetness, fingers
attouchement to lips tasting
sweetness together.

delightedly savoring its delicacy...

labial quivers in want,
opening its estuary, mounting
firmness to ride my baby.

in and out, ecstasy...

in unison delirious passion
spoken softly with kisses,
desires satiation within our eyes.

quiet moans effluxes...

panting in surrender...passionately

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  • pretty panties embrace the bank from which i am longing to make a deposit. my thoughts are spoken softly
    and my fingers roam where my thoughts desire. i beckon to those pretty panties to surrender to my passion.
    i sniff the wetness and kiss the spot as i stroke my steed. upon your surrender we shall go for a ride. passionately.
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