Ride Me

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I see you laying there feigning sleep as I walk by from the shower

manhood gleaming wet...
I know you're wet too; salivating to jump my bone

but, you call yourself neglecting me; only torturing yourself
I know you smell my scent, nostrils flaring with want....

manhood starting to bob and weave,
you still eyeing me; I saw you lick your lips...

touching myself standing in front of the mirror;
you know you want me, get up! come over here!
taste your delicacy of want...

baby, you know I was only playing cat and mouse,
hush! baby, just ride me...

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  • vivid visual no doubt you know me well. I listen to the sounds of you taking a shower.
    my lions are pulsating slowly as my manhood begins to rise. barely opening my eyes
    as i watch you sashay across the room to the mirror. I moan as though i'm in a deep
    dream about you as i taste the scent of your wetness. soon i'm fully erect and signal
    you to Ride ME. Love the poem and the cat and mouse is torture butt worth the delicacy
    within. gino
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