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  • What’s going on Zack? I’m still pushing you here in G’ville; Zeelee, the lady from the club, call me on yesterday and asked me again for your video on the Row, Row. She told me to tell you she needs it, and that she is burned out from all those other side dances that they are doing here! She also said, she is ready to more on to something new and hot like the Row, Row, and she know you got it, and she need it asap so she can learn how you do it, because that sample lesson you gave her was not enough. She said if you do not get it to her, she will have to create her own moves to your song; trust me Zack, she will do just that, so please get me that video for these ladies here! You observed it for yourself here, the guys do not dance, so the ladies have started their own thang, and it is those slide dances. I have tried to show them the steps for the Row, Row, but you have seen my dance moves, I can move on the dance floor like I use too, so please help me out!!!! Send the video so we can get rowing right here in G’ville! We want to be ready when you come back, hopefully, very soon! Take care. Love, T-Maxx
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September 24