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    PO BOX 89
    SAINT ROSE,LA 70087
    TOP 20
    1.DID YOU PUT YOR FOOT IN IT-----------------------O.B. BUCHANA/MR.SAM
    2.REHAB----------------------- T.K. SOUL
    3.SLIDE-N-IT--------------------AVAIL HOLLYWOOD
    6.WHINE----------------------------FALISSA JANAYE'
    7. JUICY LIPS-----------------------------LACEE
    8.LOVE UNDER ARREST------------------ LIL FALLAY
    9. RUN N'--------------------STEPHANIE PICKETT
    10.GROWN FOLKS BUISNESS----------------------KELLO AMAN
    11.14-16----------------------L.J. ECHOLS
    12.IT'S BYOB-------------------------DONNIE RAY
    13. 753 LOVE------------------------LEE SHOT WILLIAMS
    14.BAD GIRLS-----------------SWEET ANGEL
    15. MAINTENACE MAN--------------------U.V HAYNES
    16. KEEP LOVE STRONG-------------------------------MR. SAM
    17.BIRTHDAY SUIT----------------------- CERTIFIED SLIM
    18.DO WHAT HE DIDN'T DO--------------------------NELLIE TIGER TRAVIS
    19. SHAKE SOMETHING LOOSE-----------------------JEFF FLOYD
    20. SOMEBODY-------------------------------MR.SAM
    310 GREENBRIAR DR. GREENWOOD SC 29649 (864) 942-0365

    I'm hooked-Vick Allen
    Runnin-Stephanie Pickett
    Around the World-Latimore
    I don't wanna leave-Shirley Brown
    Southern soul Party mood-Karen Wolfe
    Second Shift-Charlie Brown
    Just ain't good enough-James Smith
    Everybody Knows-Revelators
    Ms. Jody's Thang/ Only a Fool would-Ms. Jody
    Forbidden Love-Vick Allen
    Lend a helping Hand-Soul 1st Family
    Do what He didn't-Nellie "Tiger"Travis
    753-Love-Lee "Lee Shot" Williams
    Beauty Shop-Omar Cunningham
    I wouldn't Beg-Big Robb
    I cried-Carl Marshall
    You've been good to me-O.B. Buchana
    Happy - Nathaniel Kimble
    Somebody-Mr. Sam
    Rehab- T.K. Soul
    You've got that sex appeal-Charles Wilson
    Let Me be your Daddy-Lebrado
    Just a simple Dance-James Morgan
    B.Y.O.B. Affair-Donnie Ray
    Still In My Heart-Controllers
    Call it what you want-Tina B.
    I dance better-Charles Wilson
    Maintenance Man- U.Vee Hayes
    Should have called-Leroy Ward
    I'm all good-James Morgan
    My Dog-Marvin Sease
    Dance the nite away-Willie Clayton
    Hoo Doo Man-Jolin B.
    Loose Sleep-Chandra Calloway
    I Will- Falisa Jaye/Mr. Sam
    Don't ley our love- Barbara Carr
    Just one night- Carl Sims
    Turn it up- Earl Duke
    I came to party-David Brinston
    The right Woman-Omar Cunningham
    Bring it on Home-Sir Charles Jones
    Shake Your Money maker-Willie Clayton
    Any Woman's Man-Lacee
    If You Like it-Sangin Clarence
    Sorry-Lenny Williams
    痛みの少ない医療レーザー脱毛 – 皮膚にもやさしく安全です
  • WVFG 107.5
    DJ Scorpio
    PO Box 1268
    Uniontown,AL 36786
    1.Impala...LaMorris Williams
    2.Around The World...Lattimore
    3.Same Place,Same Time...Jesse Graham
    4.Wobble,Wiggle...BB Queen
    5.Run'n... Stephanie Pickett
    6.Love...Prince Jesse
    7.Your Love Has Got A Hold On Me...Donnie Ray
    8.I Dance Better...Charles Wilson
    9.Throw That Thang...Steve Perry
    10.Win Some,Lose Some...Monique Ford
    11.Help Me Get That Woman...Archie Love
    12.Cry No More(remix)...The Duchess
    13.Party Going On...Ghetto Cowboy
    14.Cheat Receipt...Denise LaSalle
    15.Everybody Knows...Tre' & The Revelations
    16.Pop It,Shake It,Work It...Al Lindsey
    17.Second Shift...Charles Brown
    18.It Takes More...James Morgan
    19.I Can Do It...Big G
    21.Bad For Bitnezz...Big Al
    22.DG Shuffle...David G
    23.Grown & Sexy...Lady Jade
    24.Woman Like You...Dr.Dee
    25.Do My Ladies Run This Party...Cupid
  • Mid-day Blues Show with MsVon on WNEV 98.7..Top 25 Playlist
    Playing Nothing But The Best in Southern Soul
    6718 Carolina Drive
    Little Rock, AR

    1. Ms Jody-Energizer Bunny
    2.O.B. Buchana-Did You Put Your Foot In It
    3. T. K. Soul-Try Me
    4. Arcie Love- Before A Judge
    5. Stan Mosley - So Call Friends
    6. Mr.Sam-Somebody
    7. Wendell B-The Best Time I Ever Had
    8. Charles Wilson-Sex Appeal(Remix)
    9. Jesse James-Ghetto Booty
    10.Kello Aman-My Heart
    11.Charlie Brown-Second Shift
    12. Falisa JaNaye-U Won't Miss Yo Water
    13.Mr. X-Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle
    14. Gus Geeter-I've Been Your Fool Too Long
    15. Ghetto Cowboy-Party Going On
    16. Sir Charles-Lady, My Whole World Is You
    17. Nellie "Tiger" Travis-Do What He Didn't Do
    18. Donnie Ray-BYOB
    19. The Revelation-I Don't Want To Know
    20. Karen Wolfe-Man Enough
    21. Sweet Angel-Good Girls Do Bad Things
    22. Latimore-Around The World
    23. Omar Cunningham-The Beauty Shop
    24. Luther Lackey-Jody's Got My Problems
    25. James Morgan-I Am All Good
  • Sorry # 8. Throw That Thang- Steve Perry
    D J SirRod
  • Dj Sir Rod

    815 West Block
    Eldorado,Ar 71730
    1 Pop A Pill-Ghetto CowBoy
    2 Just Ain't Good- James Smith
    3 Do You Feel It- Sir Charles Jones
    4 What He Wouldn't Do- Nellie Tiger Travis
    5 Man Enough- Karen Wolf
    6 Beauty Shop- Omar Cunningham
    7 Ghetto Booty-Jesse James
    8 Bootie Bounce-Steve Perry
    9 Rehab-T.K. Soul
    10 Love Power-Donnie Ray
    11 Back Roads-Terry Wright
    12 Run'n-Stephine Pickett
    13 Party Going On-Ghetto CowBoy
    14 Booty Roll-Steve Perry
    15 Fire Labrado
    16 Don't Tease Me-David Brinston
    17 If You Can Beat Me Rockin- Vick Allen
    18 Around the Would- Latimore
    19 Everybody Know-Tre Williams
    20 Grove Thang- O B Buchana
    21 Float On-Bigg Robb
    22 Turn It Up- Earl Duke
    23 I've Been Your Fool Too Long- Gus Geeter
    24 Thang Played With- Zay Way
    25 This Is For My DJ's- Kenne' Wayne
  • Kattman Radio Network
    3519 Barrel Bronco Ct.
    N. Las Vegas, Nevada 89032

    Kattman Soul and Blues Report

    1.BB Queen "Wobble Wiggle"
    2. Tre Williams "Everybody Knows"
    3. Big Cynthia " Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business"
    4. D. Brinston & J. Blackfoot "Dirty Woman"
    5. Denise LaSalle " Pay Before You Pump"
    6. Latimore " Around The World"
    7. Donnie Ray "It's BYOB"
    8. Falisa Tanaye "Don't Miss Your Water"
    9. O.B. Buchana "Did You Put Your Foot In It"
    10. Sessie James "Ghetto Booty"
    11. Pantheress "Ritual Whoop"

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  • WZLA Z 93 Abbeville/Greenwood SC (864) 942 0365 310 Greenbriar Dr. Grennwood SC

    Runnin-Stephanie Pickett
    I'm hooked-Vick Allen
    Rehab-T.K. Soul
    Around the World-Latimore
    Forbidden love affair-Vick Allen
    I don't wanna leave-Shirley Brown
    Just ain't good enough-James Smith
    Southern soul party mood-Karen Wolfe
    Only a fool would cheat-Ms. Jody
    Everybody knows-The Revelators
    Beauty Shop-Omar Cunningham
    Second Shift-Charley Brown
    My Dog- Marvin Sease
    I wouldn't beg-Bigg Robb
    753 love-Lee "Shot"Williams
    I cried-Carl Marshall
    You got that sex appeal-Charles Wilson
    Happy-Nathaniel Kimble
    Do what he did'nt- Nellie Tiger Travis
    Let me be your daddy-Lebrado
    Somebody-Mr. Sam
    I'm all good-James morgan
    You've been good-O.B.Buchana
    I ran a good man away-Lacee
    Lend a helping hand-Soul 1st Family
    Still in my heart-Controllers
    Should have called-Leroy Ward
    I dance better-Charles Wilson
    Maintenance Man-U.V. Hayes
    BYOB-Donny Ray
    Hoo doo man-Jolin B's
    Just a simple dance-James Morgan
    I will- Falisa Janaye/Mr. Sam
    Loose sleep-Chandra Calloway
  • Joyce Coffman (The Queen)
    90.9 fm WJAB Saturday's 4-8 pm
    Bobbye Johnson Send the boys home
    Simeo To all my DJ's
    Mel Waiters Everything is going up
    Kenny Neal Let life flow
    Gwen Mccrae I'm a jazz freak
    Lebrado Fire
  • Play List 2010

    Heavy Rotation

    Willie Clayton Dance the night away
    Uvee Hayes/Otis Clay Play something pretty for me
    Vick Allen I'm hooked
    Karen Wolfe A woman needs a strong man
    Latimore Around the world
    TK Soul Rehab
    Stephanie Pickett Run'n
    Omar Cunningham The right girl
    Nellie Tiger Travis MOD
    Andrea Lee Let's get romantic
    Lacee Lacee's Goove
    Rachell Brown Promise of love
    Chuck Roberson I want to rock you
    Lil'Fallay Good night for dancing
    Kello Aman My heart
    Donnie Ray 2 places at one time
    Nathaniel Kimble Tell it
    Mr. Sam Somebody
    Betty Paget Old man/young man
    Lee Shot Williams 753 love
    Sweet Angel Butt up
    Mr. Sam Somebody
    MIchelle Miller Bills don't stop
    David G Lying on me
    Terry Wright 2 women in love with your husband
    Tre Williams How can I tell him
    Ms. Jody The better the goods the higher the price
    James Smith It ain't good
    Bobby Rush If you don't treat me right
    Falisa Ja'Naye You don't miss your water
    Gus Geeter I've been your fool to long
    Charlie Brown Second Shift
    Walter Waiters Change it up
    Pat Brown Get rid of that loser
    Andrew Edwards How do you feel about me
    Carl Marsall Looking for a good woman
    Luther Lackey Jody got my problem
    Charles Dobbins Call me
    Soul 1st Family Can you lend a helping hand

    Carl Sims Just one night
    Mack Davis/BJ Miller Thinking about it
    Redd Velvet Don't ask me no questions
    Big G I can do it
    Captain Jack Watson I'm in love with a woman
    TJ Hooker Your baby needs a daddy
    Chantra Calloway Loose sleep
    Kenne Wayne Wecome to the party
    Sir Charles Jones Bring it home to me
    Le brado beautiful

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