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  • For the weekend of March11-13, the most requested songs at Lamont's Entertainment Complex in Pomonkey, Maryland were:


    1. Good Man - Adrena

    2. Sugar Daddy - Angel Sent

    3. When You Get Drunk - Mel Waiters

    4. One Man Lost Is Another Man Gained - Willie Clayton

    5. I Want To Get With You - Lee Fields

    6. Let The Party Get Started - Bertha Payne

    7. Who's Rockin' You - Donnie Ray

    8. You've Been Good To Me - Earl Gaines

    9. All Of You, All Of Me - Floyd Taylor

    10.I'll Be Your Cheatin' Woman - Jill Sharp

    11.Too Much Booty Shakin' - Jonathan Burton

    12.They Come Back - Mel Waiters

    13.Giddy Up - Ms. Charli

    14.Stoop Down - Certified Slim

    15.Big Feet - Vickie Baker

  •                                  DJ BOBBY SMOOT
                                                          DJ bobby smoothe:
                                                          Report for 3/16/2011
    1.let's do it again-remix-sergio Davis
    2.let's go-sergio Davis/ft.Jeff Floyd
    3.ride it like a cowboy-kenne Wayne
    4.that thang thang-o.b.buchana
    5.push it-Steve perry
    6.too much booty shakin-sir Jonathan Burton
    7.backtrackin-bigg robb
    8.I saw her I saw you-Charles beasley/ft.Andre lee
    9.cheating with a man in the drawer-Andre lee
    10.personal matter-Wilson meadows
    11.I need some attention-vick Allen a man-pat cooley
    13.left me behind-diedra
    14.super woman super man-Wendell b many mechanics-donnie ray
    16.I can't take it-100% cotton
    17.lock my door-Jeff Floyd
    18.when you get drunk-mel waiters
    19.crying zone-bigg robb
    20.when I did what I did-Wendell b
    21.close to me-lamorris Williams/ft.lj echols
    23.we cant get along until we get it on-o.b.buchana
    24.can't say no-lacee
    25.snap- e l Willie man trash-avail Hollywood
    27.this little place-mr.x
    28.stuttering-Karen wolfe
    29.dirty dncing-reggie sears
    30.just because-t.j.hooker Taylor
    31.I got a woman who loves me-Patrick green before you come-gerod raydorn thang about-simeo
    34.if it's love you want-certfied slim
    35.good love-joy tonight-charles wilson
    37.just ain;t good-james smith
    38.bop-ms jody
    39.bop-kenne wayne
    40.let's party-cherone brown
  • Hog Pin Party Mondays 5PM-7PM
    Hosted by Passion & $etitoff of the group Hog Pin
    WVFG 107.5FM
    Station Email Address:
    March 7, 2011
    No Ranking Order
    1. Hog Pin: Can You Drop It (Show Intro)
    2. Donnie Ray: Who Rockin' You
    3. Cupid: Cu-Step
    4. Quincey Jones: Soul Bossa Nostra
    5. Dee Bradley: Candy Man
    6. Gregory P: Single Black Mother
    7. SBNB: Rock that Mic (Played Twice & Requested)
    8. Diddy Dirty Money: Hello Good Morning
    9. SWV: Weak (Throwback Song)
    10. Andre Lee: Cheating with the Man in the Drawer
    11. Cherone Brown: Let's Party
    12. Sam Fallie: Love Attack
    13. Hog Pin: Snoopin Around (Requested)
    14. R Kelly: Love Letters
    15. Chrisette Michelle: Blame It on Me
    16. Black Zack: Sho Wasn't Me
    17. Hog Pin & SBNB: Take Me Away (Requested)
    18. Mel Waiters: Down Home People
    19. Karen Wolfe: Man Enough (Requested)
    20. Reggie P: Ps & Qs
    21. Mel Waiters: When You Get Drunk
    22. Hog Pin: God Knows (Outro)

    We want to thank Cupid, T. Pope, K Will, Calvin Richardson, Mel Waiters, Pantheress, Reggie P & Shottieman for their interviews.

    We started recording our show. You can listen to it on about a week later from the recorded date. Follow us on Twitter@ Hog_Pin and Facebook @ HogPin. Much love!

  • Lorenzo Battle

    AM 1340 WOKS

    Columbus, Ga.

    1.  I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home      Donnie Ray

    2.  Drinking Again                                   Avail Hollywood

    3.  The Crying Zone                                Bigg Robb

    4.  I'm Staying In With My Man Tonight    Ms. Jody

    5.  Personal Matter                                Wilson Meadows

    6.  Too Much Booty Shakin                    Sir Johnathan Burton

    7.  Make Your Body Roll                        LaMorris Williams

    8.  A Girl Like Me                                  Sweet Angel

    9.  When A Woman Loves                      R. Kelly

    10. Haters Gone Hate                            Allen, Soul, Cunningham

    11. Hole In The Wall Girl                         Unkle Eddie

    12. Zydeco                                            Larry Love Hamilton

    13. When You Get Drunk                        Mel Waiters

    14. Bitter With The Sweet                       Kenny Neal

    15. Short Stack                                     Patrick Green

    16.Feels Like Prison                              Gerald Rayburn

    17.Lovemaking On My Mind                   Charles Wilson

    18.I Saw Her I Saw You                         Andre Lee/ Charles Blakeley

    19.Four Little Boys                                Lucky Peterson

    20.Pop It Then Drop It                            Ricky White

    21.This Little Place                               Mr.X

    22.We Don"t Get Along                        O.B. Buchana

    23.I Need Some Attention                     Vick Allen

    24.She Lied On Me                              Jerry L

    25.I Won't Let My Baby Down               Nita


    The Greatest Emotion         T.K. Soul

    You Ain't Got No Proof        Bobby Jones

    Snap                                 El Willie

    Another Soldier Gone On    CeCe Miles

  • WJAB 90.9fm

    The voice of the Tennesee Valley

    Joyce Coffman(The Queen) Sat 4pm-8pm


    Marvin Sease I'll take care of you

    Wendell Brown Everything gonna be alright

    Donnie Ray Lovers Paradise

    Stephanie Pickett The only time I get lonely

    Vic Allen I need some attention

    Gwen McCrae Please don't go

    Karen Wolfe Stuttering

    Wilson Meadows Personal matters

    Ms.Jody I'm staying home with my man

    Captain Watson Brand new man

    Lacee Can't say no

    James Smith Still in love

    Mel Waiters When you get drunk

    TK Soul The strongest emotion

    Patrick Greene Rated PG

    Adreana Cheating on the back street

    OB Buchanna A woman ain't no fool

    Pat Cooley Be a man

    Floyd Taylor Cut through the chase

    Kenne Wayne The Bop

    Dee Bradley No more room

    Walt Love I wanna come back

    Jerry L She lied

    Carl Marshall I lived it all

    Carl Sim Thinking of you

    J.D Washington Love will last

    Bobbye Doll So good

    Mr.X That little Place


    Jody Sticker Step on my own heart

    Menta Malone Passion

    TJ Hooker Just because

    Simeo One thing about you

    Heart to Heart Mind your own buisness

    Mr.Sam Wobble Wobble


    Latimore Everyday I have the blues

    Bigg Robb Family reunion

    Diedra Tucker Dance the night away

    Team Airplay Da twist

    Terry Wright Back roads

  • Mid-Day Blues with Ms Von

    WNEV 98.7

    Clarksdale, MS





    1. Sweet Angel-I'd Rather Be By Myself

    2. Ms Jody-I've Got The Strength To Stay Gone

    3. Bigg Robb-Remix Our Love

    4. Kenny Wayne-Ride It Like A Cowboy

    5. Calvin Richardson-Never Do You Wrong

    6. Robert "Duke" Tillman-Been Loving You Long

    7. Andre Lee-My Woman Is Cheating With The Man In The Drawer

    8. Denise LaSalle-Older Woman

    9. Charles Wilson-Get Down

    10.Carl Sims-Go On

    11. Mel Waiters-When You Get Drunk

    12. T K Soul-Try Me

    13. TOV-Hater Gone Hate

    14. O. B. Buchana-It CostMe More Than I Gained

    15. Floyd Taylor-Cut To The Chase

    16. Bigg Robb-Crying Zone

    17.Cal Marshall-I Lived It All

    18. Charles Blakely-I didn't Wanna Wake Up

    19. Wendell B-Mississippi Girl

    20. The Revelation-Everybody Knows

    21. Stan Mosley-Something U Got

    22. Vic Allen- Creeping Aint Easy

    23. Mel Waiters-I Aint Gone Do It

    24. Ms Jody-The Bop

    25. O.B. Buchana/Mr. Sam-Did You Put Your Foot In It

    26. David Brimston/Ms Jody-Something I Want

    27. Sweet Angel- Roll

    28.Mel Waiters- I Would Rather Hurt Myself

    29. Reggie Sears-Dirty Dancer

    30. Stevie J-Married Girlfriend

    31. Ms Jody-I'm So Thankful

    32. Chuck Roberson-Stop! (The Ladies & The Babies)

    33. Teddy "B"-Funny How The Tables turn

    34. David Brinston-Booty Humpin Grind

    35.Donnie Ray-Who's Rockin You


  • WVFG 107.5

    DJ Scorpio

    PO Box 1268

    Uniontown,AL 36786


    1.Nosey Neighbors...Gerod Rayborn

    2.Snoopin Around...Hog Pin

    3.Birthday Suit...Certified Slim

    4.Beautiful...Marrisee Boyd

    5.Ride It Like A Cowboy (Remix)...Kenne Wayne

    6.Who's Rockin' You?...Donnie Ray

    7.Get Down...Charles Wilson

    8.When You Get Drunk...Mel Waiters

    9.I'm Keeping It Real...Ms Jody

    10.Old School Blues...O.B.Buchana

    11.I Didn't Wanna Wake Up...Charles Blakely

    12.I Need Some Attention...Vick Allen

    13.Cryin' Zone...Bigg Robb

    14.Bout It,Bout It...Floyd Taylor

    15.I'm Sorry...Lenny Williams

    16.Can't Nobody...FaLisa JaNaye

    17.One Thing About...Simeo

    18.Chocolate Drop...Cherone Brown

    19.Personal Matter...Wilson Meadows

    20.Weekend Love...Adrena

    21.Funkey Monkey...Ace Jones

    22.I Wanna Go Back...JB Hendricks

    23.Home Wrecker...Denise LaSalle

    24.Thick In The Hips...Marsha Lette

    25.Down for The Count...Mr.Ivy  

  • Chicos Radio
    708 Summerville St.
    Mobile,Ala 36617
    Chico Jackson
    Sir Jonathan Burton-Too Much Booty Shakin'
    Mel Waiters-Down Home People
    Lebrado-You So Sexy
    Willie Clayton-Tonight
    Cupid feat. Mr. Collipark-Teach Me To Wobble
    Karen Wolfe-Stuttering
    Vick Allen-I Need Some Attention
    L.J. Echols-14-16
    Lamorris Williams-Make Your Body Roll
    Wilson Meadows-Personal Matter
    O. B. Buchana-That Thang Thang
    Kenne Wayne-Ride It Like A Cowboy
    Andre Lee-Cheating With The Man In The Drawer
    Floyd Taylor-Cut To The Chase
    T. K. Soul-Zydeco Bounce
    David Brinston-Bus Stop
    Ms. Jody-I Need That
    Charles Wilson-Get Down
    Mel Waiters-When You Get Drunk

    Bigg Robb-Back Tracking
    Gus Geeter-It's Too Late
    J. B. Hendricks-I Wanna Go Back
    Walter Waiters-Walking the Dog (Remix)
    Cherone Brown-Let's Party
    Chick Willis-Jack
    Gina Brown-G-Slide
    Simeo-One Thing About
    Donnie Ray-Who's Rockin' You
    Bigg Robb-Crying Zone

  • Here's the "HOT" plays for the past weekend at Lamont's Entertainment Complex in Pomonkey, Md.:


    1. They Come Back - Mel Waiters

    2. Lock My Door - Jeff Floyd

    3. I'll Be Your Cheatin' Woman - Jill Sharp

    4. Another Man Gained - Willie Clayton

    5. Too Many Mechanics - Donnie Ray

    6. Let The Party Get Started - Bertha Payne

    7. Cheatin' On The Back Street - Adrena

    8. When You Get Drunk - Mel Waiters

    9. Dance With Me - Hardway Connection

    10.Who's Rockin' You - Donnie Ray

    11.The First Rule of Cheatin' - Lee "Shot" Williams

    12.I Can't Take It - Terry "100%" Cotton

    13.Simeo -One Thing About

    14.Only Time I Get Lonely - Stephanie Pickett

    15.Jim Bennett - Let's Slip Out Tonight

    16.Stoop Down Wit It - Certified Slim

    17.Big Feet - Vickie Baker

    18.Personal Matters - Wilson Meadows

    19.Sugar Daddy - Angel Sent

    20.I Want To Get With You - Lee Fields


    See you next week!






  • For the weekend of January 14-16, the "HOT PLAY" list at Lamont's Entertainment Complex in Pomonkey, Md. were:


    1)Lee Fields-I Want To Get With You

    2)Mel Waiters - When You Get Drunk

    3)Simeo-One Thing About

    4)Cheatin' On Da Back Street-Adrena

    5)Too Much Booty Shakin' Goin' On-Jonathan Burton

    6)One Man Lost (Is Another Man Gained)-Willie Clayton

    7)My Man-Jill Sharp

    8)Only Time I Get Lonely-Stephanie Pickett

    9)Charles Wilson-What You Want Somebody

    9)That Thang Thang-O.B.Buchana

    10)Let The Party Get Started-Bertha Payne

    11)Lock My Door-Jeff Floyd

    12)Stoop Down Wit It-Certified Slim

    13)So Good-Bobbye "Doll" Johnson

    14)Snoopin' Around-Hog Pin

    15)Be A Man-Pat Cooley

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