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  • WJAB 90.9fm

    Joyce Coffman (The Queen) Voice for the Tennessee Valley

    Saturday 4-8pm April/May Play list

    Wendell B        Everything going to be alright

    KarenWolfe     Stuttering

    T.K Soul          The greatest Emotions

    Laccee Can’t say no

    Floyd Taylor     Baby I love you

    Kenne Wayne  Dance wit me

    Ms.Jody           The Spank

    James Smith     Rumble in the bedroom

    Donnie Ray      Straighten up

    Vernon Garrett I come to far

    Patrick Greene I’m missing you

    Sweet Angel     Butt’s up(remix)

    Vick Allen        I need some attention

    Adreana           Cheating on the back streets

    David Brinston  Back on the backstreets           

    LGB     Reality slowly walks us down

    Vick Allen        I need some attention

    Wilson Meadows         Personal matters

    Bobby Doll Johnson     Cheaters never win

    JT Taylor          Just because

    OB Buchanna   Old School Blues

    Dee Bradley     Party 2 tonight

    Terry Wright     Back roads

    Heart 2Heart    Grown & Sexy

    Larone Powers Knocking

    Chuck Roberson          Southern Soul

    Menta Malone  Passion

    Latimore           Everyday I have the blues

    Mr. Sam           Somebody

    Jerry L She lied

    Charles Wilson Get up on the floor

    Simeo   Something about you







  •  ADDs

    Stephanie Pickett          I’m taking my man back

    Luther Lackey  Rebound affair

    Gerod Rayborn            My job is like a prison

    Carl Marshall                         America will not be separated

    DeiDra Rent man

    Carl Simms       Go on

    Pat Cooley       Hungry Woman

    Uvee Hayes/Otis Clay  Steal away

    Nellie Tiger Travis        I’m with you baby

    Bobby Jones    You ain’t got no proof

  • Soul Dog’s Top 15 Southern Soul Songs for May 2011



    1. Only Time I Get Lonely – Stephanie Pickett
    2.  Personal Matter – Wilson Meadows
    3.  I Saw Her I Saw You  - Charles Blakely w/ Andre Lee
    4. Too Much Booty Shakin’ – Jonathan Burton
    5. Who’s Rockin’ You – Donnie Ray
    6.  9 to 5 Job – Angel Sent
    7.  I Need Some Attention – Vick Allen
    8.  Bus Stop – David Brinston
    9.  I Need That – Ms. Jody
    10.  Old Skool – Patrick Green
    11.  How Can I – Ladi Kandhi
    12.  Cheaters Never Win – Bobbye ‘Doll’ Johnson
    13.  Time To Move Along – Frank Lucas
    14.  Crazy Love Thang – OB Buchana
    15.  Roll – Sweet Angel
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  • southernsoullady-menta malone
  • New Southern Soul record company seeking new talent in Mississippi area, call 601 462 4208 if interested
  • dj bobby smoothe

    mailing:4124 pearl ave

    moss point,ms 39563

  • Hog Pin Party Mondays 5PM-7PM
    Hosted by Passion & $etitoff of the group Hog Pin
    WVFG 107.5FM
    Station Email Address: (Need new music ASAP)
    May 03, 2011
    No Ranking Order
    1. Hog Pin: Can You Drop It (Show Intro)
    2. Gina: G-Slide
    3. Certified Slim: Baby I Will
    4. Bigg Robb: Country Twang
    5. Vick Allen: I Need Some Attention
    6. Bobby Jones: You Ain't Got No Proof
    7. Cherone Brown: Let's Party
    8. Shottieman: Workout
    9. Mel Waiters: When You Get Drunk
    10. Bigg Robb: Cryin Zone (Requested) 
    11. Latimore: Let's Straighten It Out (Throwback Song)
    12. Ghetto Cowboy: Pop a Pill
    13. Lamorris Williams: Get Close to Me
    14. Hog Pin: Snoopin Around
    15. Black Zack: Row Row
    16. Roni: Come Back Kind of Love
    17. Theodis Ealey:  House of the Rising Sun
    18. Jae B the Soul Man: Whip that Thang
    19. Reggie Sears: Dirty Dancer
    20. Alexis Nicole: I'm Bad
    21. Chandra Calloway: Lose Sleep
    22. J B Hendricks: Everybody Got Loose
    23. Cupid: Cu-Step
    24. Tribute to Reggie P: Why Me
    25. Tribute to Reggie P: Ps & Qs
    26. Tribute to Reggie P: Preacher Man
    27. Sergio Davis: Let's Do It Again
    28. Hog Pin: God Knows (Outro)

    You can listen to the show on about a week later from the recorded date. Follow us on Twitter@ Hog_Pin and Facebook @ HogPin. Much love!

  • Arion BABYBELL ( Prince of the Blues)
  • this is djskullman in north carolina still needing music ,not in order-vick allen-i need some attention-wilson matters-personal matter-mel waiters-when you get drunk-creole diva-giddy up-heart 2 heart-mind your bussiness-lina-my man-bigg rob -backtrackin-joanthan bulter-to much booty shakin-turn road-mr, ivy please i need the new music send mp3 to robertdavis19531@yahoo,com it will get played thanks djskullman
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