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  • Blues new...blues old....throw in a touch of southern soul, and you've got "Bluesday Tuesday."  WPFW-FM, 89.3 in Washington, D.C. 12 noon - 1:00 Tuesdays.


    The playlist for March 6, 2012:


    1.  Shade Tree Mechanic - Daddy Mack Blues Band

    2.  I'm Hooked On These Blues - Floyd Taylor

    3.  Mother Nature - Koko Taylor

    4.  It Ain't A Juke Joint Without The Blues - Carl Sims

    5.  Floyd's Blues - Floyd Dixon

    6.  It Ain't Rainin' On Nobody's House But Mine - Wilson Meadows

    7.  Yo Dress Is Too Short - Bob Steele

    8.  Leave Your Hat On - Etta James

    9.  Nothing As Beautiful As You - Johnnie Taylor

    10.You've Got Me Dizzy - Jimmy Reed

    11.Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King

    12.End Of The Rainbow - McKinley Mitchell

    13.Honey Love - Ernie Johnson

  • The "HOT" plays at Lamont's Entertainment Complex for the weekend of March 2-4, 2012:


    1.  She's Her Own Boss - Certified Slim

    2.  When You Get Drunk - Mel Waiters

    3.  Come A Little Closer - Ms. Jody

    4.  Let Your Mind Go Back - Sheba Potts-Wright

    5.  Swool - Shohn Marshall

    6.  Bang That Thang - Donnie Ray

    7.  Put Your Mouth In The South - O. B. Buchana

    8.  Let Me See You Shake Your Jelly - Omar Cunningham

    9.  Impala - LaMorris Williams

    10.Get On Up And Move On - Ms. Jody

    11.Sugaa Shack - Klass Band & Brotherhood

    12.On My Own Again - Sir Charles Jones

    13.Put It All Up In There - Lomax

    14.You Got It Going On - JimmieJa

    15.I Can't Say No - Lacee

    16.From The Back - L. J. Echols

    17.She Was At The Hideaway - Donnie Ray

    18.Personal Matter - Wilson Meadows

    19.One Man Lost Is Another Man Gained - Willie Clayton

    20.Love Mechanic - Jesi Terrell

  • Wagf 101.3 fm Dothan,Al. playlist Tues. March 6th 2012.1.From The Church To The Motel-Carl Marshall 2.We re Gonna Party Tonight-TK Soul 3.Go Fishing-CC Miles 4.Just Because Hes Preaching-Luther Lackey 5.Grown N Sexy-Heart 2 Heart Band 6.U Put Your Hurt On The Wrong Man-Patrick Green 7.You Got To Cheat-TK Soul 8.Another Mans Gain-Willie Clayton 9.Sugga Shack-Nelson Curry f. Klass Band 10.Bannanna Pudding-Latimore 11.You Make Me Happy-Al Green f. Lemorris Williams 12.Candy Lover-Bigg Robb 13.Shes My Queen-Ronnie Barnes 14.I Wanna See Whatcha Working With-Mr. X Mark Saffold 15.Stop The Violence-Chili Most 16.New Lease On Life-William Bell 17.Why Do You Ask-Lady Audrey 18.Get Dressed And Go Out-Mr. Ivy 19.You Got It Going On-Jimmy Ja 20.Get Right Or Get Left-Ms. Tabatha 21.Food Stamps-Niva the Diva 22.Undercover Freak-Alonzo Reid 23.Domestic Love-Avail Hollywood 24.Sugga Shack(Ladies)-Shaunda 25.Everybodys Dancing-Vel Omar, Adds. Gonna Luv-Methrone,If We Cant Get Along-Omar Cunningham,Try Me-Bill Avery

  • I am constantly amazed at the efforts of Young artists.Methrone has another Smash-Gonna Luv-It will be elected in my playlist adds today.

  • Soul Dog's Top Tunes for March 2012

    Way Down South Radio on


    Do Right – Omar Cunningham
    Got No Curfew - Mel Waiters
    I'm Takin' My Man Back – Stephanie Pickett
    Go Get That Love – Wilson Meadows
    Jealous Woman - Yes I Am – LGB
    Big Party - Michelle Sweeney & Kenny Hamilton
    Who's Rockin' You - Donnie Ray
    There'll Come A Time - Uvee Hayes
    Something I Want – David Brinston & Ms. Jody
    The Party Don't Start Until I Get There – Jonathan Burton
    Let's Have A Party – Gina Brown
    Go Home – Klass Band Brotherhood
    Love Mechanic - Jesi Terrell
    Let's Get A Room – Jesse James & Millie Jackson
    Rent Man – DieDra
    Feels So Good - Simone De
    Gone On Part 2 - Larry Shannon Hargrove
    Show You A Good Time - Bobby Rush
    Ask Me What You Want - Chandra Calloway
    We Gonna Party Tonight - T.K. Soul
    U Won't Miss Yo Water - Falisa JaNaye
    I Ain't Going Nowhere - Floyd Lawson
    Giddy Up – Charli'
    I'll Take Care of You - Chuck Roberson
    Let Your Mind Go Back - Sheba Potts-Wright
    Walk Away – Big G
    Southern Soul Dip - Ms. Jody
    Red Dress – Hog Pin
    I'm Writing You A Ticket – Ms. Me Me
    Playing Catch Up - Sonny Mack
    21st Century Grown Folks - Carl Marshall and Friends
    You Fooled Me This Time - T. Honey Brown
    You Got It Going On - Jimmie Ja
    Rebound Love Affair - Luther Lackey
    Sexy In The Saddle – Soulshot Riders

  • Wagf 101.3 fm Dothan,Al. Playlist feb.27th  1.From The Church To The Motel(Carl Marshall)2.We re Gonna Party Tonight(TK Soul)3.Go Fishing(CC Miles)4.Grown N Sexy(Heart 2 Heart Band)5.Just Because Hes Preaching(Luther Lackey)6.Sugga Shack(Nelson Curry,Klass Band)7.You Got To Cheat(TK Soul)8.U Put Your Hurt On The Wrong Man(Patrick Green)9.Personal Matter(Wilson Meadows)10.Candy Lover(Bigg Robb)11.Another Mans Gain(Willie Clayton)12.Bannana Pudding(Latimore)13.I Wanna See What You Working With(Mr. X)14.Shes My Queen(Ronnie Barnes)15.Sugga Shack-Ladies Version(Shaunda)16.Get Dressed And Get Loose(Mr. Ivy)17.Get Right Or Get Left(Ms. Tabatha)18.Gone On Pt.2(Larry Hargrove)19.Why Do You Ask Me(Lady Audrey)20.BYOB(Donnie Ray)21.You Make Me Happy(Al Green,Lemorris Williams)22.Good Loving(Carl Marshall)23.Somebody Else(Lenny Williams)24.Tip Toe(CC Miles)25.The Beauty Shop(Omar Cunningham)-This wks. ADDS-Everybodys Dancing(Vel Omar),Food Stamps(Niva),Domestic Love(Avail Hollywood)

  • We play hits and old  school  around the clock and around the world twenty four hours a day.                        

    BCSB Radio: www. bcsbr. com Tommy Tee  P. O. Box 111974, Houston, Texas 77293-0974   (281) 741-4121    e-mail:

       1.  I’m Your Maintenance Man – Omar Cunningham

       2. Having A Party – Gina Brown

       3. On My Own Again  -- Sir Charles Jones

       4. Work Gloves On – Alonzo Reid

       5. Who’s  Rockin’ You --  Donnie Ray

       6. I’m Your Maintenance Man – Omar Cunningham

       7. After Party -- David Brinston

       8. Blind Snake - Bobby Rush

       9. When You Get Drunk – Mel Waiters

    10. If You Don’t Want Me - TK Soul

    11. I’m Thankful (for My Woman On The Side) – Vick Allen

    12. Love Me Right – Big G

    13. Hell On My Hands – Carl Sims

    14. Mogcato Love – Bigg Robb (remix)

    15. I Ain’t  Gone Do It – Mel Waiters

    16. Check Your Mail Box --  Ghetto Cowboy

    17. Knockin –Larome Powers

    18. Everyone Celebrate – Ffloyd Taylor

    19. I Got A Woman That Love Me -- Patrick Green

    20. Down South Party – Big Robb

    21. Pop That Thang – Big G

    22. The Party Don’t Start Til I Get There – Sir Jonathan Burton

    23. We Don’t Get  Alon — O.B. Buchana

    24. Baby Come Back Home – Chili most

    25. Lock My Door – Jeff Floyd                                       

    26. Ride It Like A Cowboy – Kenne Wayne

    27. Goneon2 – Larry Shannon Hargrove

    28. She’s Cheating On Me – Bobby Jones

    29. I Am The Son (I Like It Like That) – Chick Willis.

    30.Wife Woman And Hoochie --  Clay Hommond

    31. Pretty Brown Girl -- Pookie Lane

    32. You Make Me Happy – Lamorris Williams & Al Green

    33. Still –Lenny Williams                       


    Adds: Randy Brown – I Rather Hurt My Self, Jealous Wo-Man, Yes I Am – “LGB”, She Only Wants To See Me On Friday – Mr. Zay, Big Girl Swang – Lady Audrey,  Ain’t    No Way – Kirk Flether, Zydeco Boogie – C.J. Chenier, Workaholic – Tyree Neal, Cry Me A River –Marry Starr, Tast It  -

    Need Service On:  JOHNNIE TAYLOR JR, LEE SHOT WILLIAMS, SAM “KOOL-AID” JOHNSON, WILLIE CLAYTON, SIMEO,  SONNY MACK, RIC E BLUZE,  Wilson Meadows, Die Dra,  MR.SAM, JAMES MORGAN, MR.X, J. BLACKFOOT,  certified slim, l j echols,   MS.MEME, ZACK & JAE B BARNES, SIR MARSHALL, RONI,  RENNIA FIGURES, NAPOLEON,  MR.IVY, Clarence Carter, Mystery Man, Dave Mack, Theodis Ealey, , Jeff Floyd, Sergio Davis, I Love Being Single – Anthony Watson.

  • WJAB 90.9 fm Play list

    The Queen Joyce Coffman the Voice of Tennessee Valley

    Talking Soul/Blues Saturday 4-8pm

    Heavy Rotation


    Denise LaSalle                                               Older Woman Younger Man

    LaMorris Williams & Al Green                    You Make Me Happy

    Ms. Jody                                                        My Give a Da

    Wilson Meadow                                             Man up

    Karen Wolfe                                                   you’re not a Player but a bill Payer

    Latimore                                                         A Woman’s Love

    Sonny Mack                                                   Moon Over Memphis

    Gina Brown                                                    We are Having a Party

    Bobby Jones                                                   She’s cheating on me

    Mr. Zaye                                                        A Woman’s Love is Real Serious

    Stephanie Pickett                                           My Love is Guranteed

    Sir Lawrence                                                  It’s the Weekend

    Vick Allen                                                       I’m Thankful for My Woman

    Uvee Hayes                                                    My Man

    Donnie Ray                                                    A Good Woman

    Vel Omarr                                                      Still my love grows

    Bigg Robb                                                      Young Folks Love the Blues

    Sheba Potts                                                    I did all I could do

    Omar Cunningham                                         Maintenance Man                

    Charles Blakley                                             You are her



    Floyd Taylor                                                   I Baby I Love You

    LGB                                                                Jealous Wo-Man

    Pat Cooley                                                      Don’t Take Your Love From Me

    Ms.Monique                                                  For only one moment

    JT Taylor                                                        Just Because

    Grady Champions                                          The Weight of the World

    DieDra                                                            Come on Home

    Stephanie Pickett                                           Only Time I Get Lonely

    Al Lindsey                                                      Tick Tock

    Garland Green                                               Jealous Kind of Fella(remix)

    Larome Powers                                              Knocking


    Kenny Neal                                                    Let Life Flow

    Marvin Sease                                                 Gone on

    KSS                                                                 When Something Wrong With My Baby

    Columbus Toy                                                The Kind Of Woman I Need



  • Party Mix

    Mel Waiters                                                   When I get Drunk

    DieDra                                                            Rentman

    Carl Marshall                                     21st Century Grown Folks Party

    Andrea Lee                                                    Gonna Go Stepping

    Dee Bradley                                                   Party Tonight

    Sheba Potts Wright                                        Let Your Mind Go Back

    Lady Audrey                                                  Never to Old to Get Your Grove On

    TK Soul                                                          Zydeco Bounce

    Heart to Heart                                               Grown & Sexy

    Sergio & Jeff Floyd                                       Let’s Go

    Sweet Angel                                                   Butts Up

    Bobby Rush                                                    Show you Good Time


    Patrick Green                                     You Put Your Hurt on the Wrong Man

    Margo Thunder                                              Feel The Fire

    Lenny Williams                                              Still

    Lacee                                                              Move Something

    Kenne Wayne                                                Glad 

    Dave Morris                                                  Tears of Joy

    Jerry L                                                            When The Ladies are Happy

    Mel Waiters                                                   Curfew

    Andrea Lee                                                    You Never Been Hurt

    Ghetto Cowboy                                              The Check in The Mail







  • Playlist Feb. 20th 2012 1.From The Church To The Motel(Carl Marshall) 2.We ^re Gonna Party Tonight(TK Soul) 3.Go Fishing(CC Miles) 4.Just Because Hes Preaching(Luther Lackey) 5.You Got To Cheat(TK Soul) 6.Grown N Sexy(Heart 2 Heart Band) 7.You Put Your Hurt On The Wrong Man(Patrick Green) 8.Another Mans Gain(Willie Clayton) 9.Shes My Queen(Ronnie Barnes) 10.Bananna Pudding(Latimore) 11.Go and Get That Love(Wilson Meadows) 12.Sugga Shack(Nelson Curry and Klass Band) 13.I Wanna See What You Working With(Mr. X-Mark Saffold) 14.Sugga Shack(Ladies Version)(Shaunda) 15.Candy Lover (Bigg Robb) 16.Why Do You Ask Me(Lady Audrey) 17.Dreams Do Come True(Christa Jordan) 18.Get Right or Get Left(Ms. Tabatha) 19.Get Dressed and Get Loose(Mr. Ivy) 20.BYOB(Donnie Ray) 21.Stil My Love Grows(Vel Omar) 22.Im The One That Shouldve Been(Garland Green) 23.Gone On pt.2(Larry Hargrove Hamilton) 24.Baby Come Back Home(Chili Most) 25.Loving You Aint Easy(George Hayes f. J&R Clic)  Adds-Jimmy Ja-Put It On Ya,Alonzo Reid-Undercover Freak

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